Manufacturers Promoted Consumerism in The 1920s By:


  1. Giving lower pricing for fewer goods.
  2. Less products at higher costs.
  3. A wider range of products at premium costs.
  4. A wider range of products at reasonable costs.


Answer 4. A wider range of products at reasonable costs.


An economic theory known as consumerism stimulates consumer interest in an economy. Put differently, consumerism sets production levels based on customer needs. In 1920, American manufacturers pushed for economic consumerism in an effort to expand the US market. Manufacturers benefited greatly from the promotion of consumerism since it resulted in high product sales.


Even more healthy profit generation resulted from the reasonable pricing at which these products were traded. A wide range of goods were offered at surprisingly affordable costs. Americans are said to have lived in great prosperity throughout the 1920s because they could afford to maintain their families and pursue other interests in addition to buying necessities. There were so many various goods, all reasonably priced. Although consumerism isn’t always great, it was extremely effective and successful in this century.


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