Questions and Answers on Management Accounting Assignment


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Assignment Details:-

  • Words: 1800+


Questions and Answers Task:-


  1. Describe the role of an accountant in detail.(100words)


  1. Who are the users of accounting information? Explain in detail. (100words)


  1. Describe in detail the three branches of accounting. (80words)


  1. Explain why Accounting is called the ‘Language of business? (50words)


  1. What are accounting standards? (50words)


  1. Describe in detail the classifications of accounts. (100words)


  1. Discuss the merits of double entry system of accounting. (100words)


  1. Explain the basic rules of debit and credit in accounting. (100words)


  1. What do you mean by accounting equation? Explain in detail. (100words)


  1. Explain in detail the significance of Debit and Credit from ‘Personal Accounts’ viewpoint. (100words)


  1. Explain the steps followed for balancing the Accounts. (100words)


  1. Explain the four stages of Accounting cycle in detail. (80words)


  1. State the considerations which would guide you in deciding whether any particular expense should be regarded as capital expenditure or revenue expenditure. (100words)


  1. Explain deferred revenue expenditure with examples. (100words)


  1. Distinguish between capital receipts and revenue receipts. (100words)


  1. Differentiate between capital expenditure and deferred revenue expenditure. (100words)


  1. What are the differences between Capital and Revenue expenditure? (80words)





Referencing and Professionalism

To ensure that you follow a professional stance always, you must:

  • Use the Harvard system of referencing for all citations and references (including in-text). More help on ‘How to reference – Harvard Style’ is available in your study material. If you need more help, please feel free to contact our student support department at and we will be more than happy to assist you on ‘How to Reference – Harvard Style’
  • Use professional, formal English in presenting your work
  • Refrain from writing in a first-person perspective (i.e. ‘I’, ‘We’, ‘Me’, etc. should not be used within the answer).


You should bear in mind that marks are awarded for professional format and presentation, and that considerable marks can be awarded for validity and quality of referencing. Therefore, referencing and professionalism will be assessed in every task.


Plagiarism and Collusion

Plagiarism and collusion will be considered an academic offence and will be dealt with as a serious issue.

Plagiarism can be defined as: the presentation of the work of another author without appropriate referencing and/or attribution (leading to the false assumption that the learner is the originator of the text).

Collusion can be defined as a circumstance in which: two or more learner’s present work with distinct similarities in concept and ideas.

You may use ‘free plagiarism tool’(available on internet) to assess ‘similarity index’ between your work and work that has been published elsewhere.


Excessive referencing (i.e. where unneeded/irrelevant) will also be considered an academic offence, which will lead to you being penalized in marks awarded for structure and format of your work or, in serious cases, leading to the work of you being discounted as unfit for assessment. Such matters will be decided by the controller of examination along with Program Director.

All your assessments (online activities, assignments, final exam, projects, etc.) are subject to plagiarism check which is generally done by the controller of examination.



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