LML6002 AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION LAW Assessment Task 1 – Semester 1, 2020

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LML6002 Australian Migration Law Assignment


Graduate Diploma in Migration Law




  1. Students must  answer  all  questions as       Make certain all answers are clearly labelled.
  2. Make certain that you enter your NAME and STUDENT NUMBER on each page. Insert them into the header or footer for ease.
  3. This assignment comprises 20% of the assessment in this unit.
  4. Students should note that English expression; grammar and spelling are taken into account in assessment of their answers.
  5. SUBMISSION OF ASSESSMENT: Please check the online centre for the due date for your class group. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the date for receipt is complied with. It is intended that all assessment be lodged electronically. This will automatically generate a receipt.
  6. WORD LIMIT: Word limits are indicated for certain questions and should be adhered to with each answer. If a task is received that exceeds the word limit it may be returned to the student.
  7. All answers should be supported by reference to the relevant legislative provisions of the Migration Act and Regulations.
  8. A student, whose answer to any question depends upon facts which are not stated, must discuss all relevant alternatives.
  9. REFERENCING: Students are required to use the Australian Guide to Legal Citation as the preferred method of referencing. You are also required to submit a bibliography for each assessment task and not merely a reference list.


Assessment Criteria


  1. Accurate answers to the questions demonstrating knowledge of statutory provisions, case law and applying problem solving skills.
  2. Answers are justified by clear reference to the relevant facts, identify logical assumptions you have made about the facts in answering
  3. Arguments and information are clearly and logically


Law Assignment QUESTION

Find and read the case Karan v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2017] FCA 872 (2 August 2017).


Examine and discuss, (in plain English,) the reasons of Siopis J, for his decision and the implications of this case in relation to a waiver of condition 8503, Schedule 8 of the Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth).


Explain and discuss the principles of statutory interpretation adopted by Siopis J (if any) in reaching his conclusion.


(20 Marks)

(Maximum Word Limit: 1100 words)


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