Leading  A Strategic Management Project Case Study Assignment

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  • Referencing style: Harvard
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  • Subject: Strategic Management Project
  • No. of Words: 2500


Final Assignment Questions:

Learners may use their own employment context, or that of another organisation with which they are very familiar, to base their assignment. However, in the case that they are not able to do so, please use the below scenario:


You are a senior manager at a medium sized organisation. You have been asked to conduct a project to investigate the high number of staff absences in your department. In order to understand key issues, there are many factors you need to consider. Within the project you need to have clear aims and after your investigation consider options to support the aims and evaluate the impact of the course of action you wish to recommend.


Assignment Task 1 –800 words

Create a project proposal document which aims to contribute to an organisational strategic objective. The proposal should include as a minimum:


1.1: Determination of a topic of investigation with justification for its contribution to strategic objective(s). (225 words)


1.2: Discussion of the aim, scope and objectives for the project with justification. (375 words)


1.3:  Develop a suitable research methodology, to fully meet project and sponsor needs, research should consider the research bases suitability to provide the rich data needed to inform your proposals, or Project Initiation Document format, should you wish. (200 words)


The project proposal should clarify why this topic was selected and any strategic implications.


Assessment Criteria

1.1:  Determine a topic of investigation that has a strategic implication.


1.2:  Discuss the aim, scope and objectives of the project.


1.3:  Take responsibility for and justify the topic of investigation and its aims, scope and objectives.


1.4:  Formulate the project research methodology, including the project structure and research base.


Assignment Task 2– 600 words

2.1:  Assess via qualitative or quantitative means three valid sources which can be used to obtain data and information to support the aim of the project, both internal and external sources should be used. You may present valid criteria for data gathering to support your choice.(100 words)


2.2:  Collate the data and information gathered and synthesis it to analyse relevancy to the project. Where possible use tools and techniques to support the identification of options and choices. Look for any clusters, stepping stones, patterns or trends.(300 words)


2.3:  Determine two options or alternatives which may be selected to support the project aims. Justify why these two options are suitable from synthesizing the data and information obtained.(100 words)


2.4:   Analyse the two options and select one which will support the project aims stating why this choice was preferable to the other option. Where possible use a tool or technique to under pin your selection, or valid criteria for selection.(100 words)


Assessment Criteria

2.1:   Assess sources of data and information that will support the aim of the project.


2.2:   Synthesise the data and information for options or alternatives that support the project aims.


2.3:   Critically evaluate an option or alternative that supports the project aims.


Assignment Task 3– 400 words

3.1:   Critically evaluate the research undertaken and evaluate the key features from the evaluation to draw relevant conclusions, to support positive and negative contributions to project direction and meeting project objectives and purpose. Ensure the evaluation processes are linked to the research analysis. State any constraints faced when analysing the information and how this may skew data.(200 words)


3.2:  Create an action plan that will support achieving the project aim stating clear recommendations. Include any resource implication and time scales. Ensure your recommendations are linked to research analysis, evaluation and conclusions.(100 words)


3.3:  Critically evaluate the impact of the project, you may wish to use San impact statement format for the purpose. The analysis should clearly critically judge any risks and the difference these will make to the identified project deliverables, and how these deliverables link to the project aims and objectives.(100 words)


Assessment Criteria

3.1:  Critically evaluate the research analysis to enable conclusions to be made.


3.2:   Recommend a course of action that achieves the strategic aims of the project.


3.3:   Critically analyse then impact of the recommendations.


Assignment Task 4– 700 words

4.1:   Describe two possible mediums which could be used to present the results of the project. Evaluate and justify which of the two mediums should be selected. You may wish to consider the nature, category of project, conduct an audience profile, or a merits and demerits of each medium. (250 words)


4.2: Produce an action development statement, which includes a project responsibility matrix to present your accountabilities. You may wish to consider how this mergers with your Job Description, roles and responsibilities. (200 words)


4.3:  Critically evaluate how the identified deliverables have contributed to the key elements oft he project scoping. (250 words)


Assessment Criteria

4.1:   Evaluate the medium to be used to present the result of the project and its contribution to strategic objectives.


4.2:  Take responsibility for the results of the investigative project and the substantial changes and developments it brings about.


4.3:   Critically evaluate the impact and success of the investigative project.


Assignment Conclusion

i)  Stating the aim/ context of the assignment again


ii) Followed by a very brief summary of the main points


iii) Final comments often considering the future (for e.g.: what can be done to improve the implementation of a strategy in the future)