NSCI 170 Geography – Weather And Climate In Meteorology Assignment

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  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 3000
  • Course Code: NSCI 170
  • Course Title: weather and climate
  • University: University of Maryland Global Campus
  • Country: US





You may use other scholarly, peer-reviewed references in addition to our course materials.


1) If using an electronic textbook, use the provided physical textbook page numbers for your citations.


2) If you wish to add an Internet reference, be sure to use a paragraph number in its in-text citation if the reference has no page number. The Internet address should also be a hyperlinked URL (not hyperlinked text) which allows the reader to click on it and be taken directly to a new window that shows the page where you found the information. Hyperlinks do not copy from word processing software; therefore, to create a functioning LEO hyperlink that opens in a new window, you must use these directions found in the Professor’s Corner.


3) Use only scholarly references, dated no older than 10 years. Do not use dictionary references. Do not cite commercial web sites (URL ending in “.com”) since they are not scholarly (i.e. peer-reviewed).


4) Don’t forget to specify the page number (or paragraph number, if page numbers are not available) in your in-text citation, e.g. (Jones, 2020, p. 44).


a. I will evaluate effective writing based on the Maryland Statewide English Composition standard for undergraduate writing which states that writing should be “substantially free of errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics” to earn a “C” grade. In other words, ineffective writing consists of errors which a work supervisor must correct. Effective writing in Discussions and your Writing Assignment will constitute approximately 7% of your final course percentage.


b. I will grade your first submission of that week; therefore, submit only final, not draft, versions of your work. For effective writing assistance, you may wish to use UMGC’s Writing and Citing web page (https://libguides.umgc.edu/gethelp/writing-citing) to access their Effective Writing Center for assistance, e.g. they will provide feedback on your draft discussion submission. Just click on “Submit Your Paper.”


c. No late submissions are accepted. Before the deadline, use the “Edit” function to correct errors that I bring to your attention.


5. Example question and answer.

Study Guide question: What is an air mass?  Describe typical air masses found over the United States.


Main Topic title: Jones, Week 2, Ques. 11


 What is an air mass?


An air mass is a widespread body of air that is uniform with respect to moisture and temperature. It achieves this uniform characteristic by remaining over its source region for an extended period of time (Seman, 2019, Lesson 3: Air Masses and Fronts).  Its horizontal extent is usually several hundred to several thousand miles.  Since the air is uniform in the air mass, there are only minor temperature and moisture gradients in it.