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  • Referencing Styles: AGLC
  •  Words: 1000
  • Course Code: LAWS104
  • Course Title: Foundations of Law and Legal Research
  • University: Australian Catholic University
  • Country: AU



1. Describe the facts relevant to proceedings before the High Court. You will need to revise this section after you have analyzed the decision.


Tip: What are the material/legally significant facts of the case?


2. PROCEDURAL HISTORY Explain the procedural history of the case. Include the full citation for each prior decision and provide additional information requested in assessment task 2 instructions.


Tip: If this is not a decision of first instance/decision of the originating court, you need to determine how this case has advanced through the court system to the point it is now. What proceedings have preceded it? Which court? Refer to AGLC4 to ensure you cite the cases correctly.


3. ISSUES IN DISPUTE AND EACH PARTY’S OPPOSING ARGUMENT Explain the main issues that the High Court had to decide as well as main argument of parties.