Statutory Planning In Accounting Assignment Answer


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  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Words: 2750
  • Course Code: ENVI1153
  • Course Title: Statutory Planning
  • University: Australian Catholic University
  • Country: AU




For Assignment 2 you must prepare report on the planning merits of an actual development proposal which will be provided to you. The plans and other resources to complete this assignment are available under the Assignment 2 Resources module(Please also remember that merely copying the text in these reports and editing for the particulars of the assignment site will count as academic misconduct). You should pretend that you are either: -A planning officer at a council who has been asked to give preliminary advice on the likelihood of council supporting the proposal; or -A planning consultant who is advising their client on the likelihood of the proposal being supported.


You may choose which of the above perspectives to take. (Don’t get hung up on the trappings of your fictional identity. The important thing here is the planning assessment; the above roles are a way to frame that). The report should: -Briefly outline the planning controls applying to the land (zones, overlays and particular provisions) and why a planning permit is required (the permit “triggers”). Suggested length c. -List the most relevant considerations in the various parts of the planning scheme.


Consider for example: Zones and overlays (if applicable) The PPF and LPPF Relevant particular provisions the general decision guidelines at Clause 65 (possibly of limited usefulness!) Suggested length c.s. Avoid long lists of clauses and quotes; try to list and summaries the most important provisions only. -Discuss what you think the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal are, and what you think the likelihood of the proposal ultimately being supported is. The above is just a suggestion; you should not consider the above a rigid structure. Do not be afraid to break your argument in to sections or subheadings as you see fit. In order to keep the length of the report manageable, you are not being asked to write a separate detailed site analysis. However you should refer to features of the site in your discussion of the proposal as appropriate. For example, the location of adjoining buildings might influence discussion of amenity impacts, or the type of buildings might influence the discussion of neighborhood character. In considering the Clause 55 provisions and local policy provisions it is strongly suggested that you not try to assess them point-by-point.


You should look at the plans and decide which will be of most concern and concentrate on the clauses that will be of most concern or most influence the decision. Please find attached Assessment criteria, resources and report examples.