Homework Question Answers on Strategic Human Resource Management 


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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Course Code: HRM705
  • Course Title: Strategic Human Resource Management
  • University: Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Country: SG


Need to paraphrase put in-text citation -no more than 20 per cent on similarity index Put Harvard Referencing At least 6 journal article Tables of content Introduction I selected company is Singtel

1.1 explain the importance of strategic human resource management in organisations (Singtel) Importance of Strategic Human resources management General evaluation Importance-Always apply to your chosen company. Competitive advantages-Talent


1.2assess the purpose of strategic human resource management activities in an organisation (the selected company is Singtel) Purpose of Strategic Human Resource Management General evaluation Why do you think the company should have all this purpose – what is the Purpose-Always apply to your chosen company. PurposeWhy do we need strategic HRM The mission of company The value of company The objectives of the company What are the jobs of strategic human resources management Human resources activities in an organisation.


1.3 evaluate the contribution of strategic human resource management to the achievement of an organisation’s objectives(be specific)(the selected company is Singtel) -contribution of strategic human resource management to achieve organisations objectives Specific in your chosen company’s organisation’s objectives. i.e expansion, growth (International), innovation what kinds of organisations objectives do we need how strategic human resource management to manpower planning help to support achieve this selection company -organisation objectives.


2.1 analyse the business factors that underpin human resource planning in an organisation(the selected company is Singtel) Identify and discuss a few business factors (internal and external) that affect HR Planning. A few important factors-3 to 5. business factors Internal factors External factors in business that impact the planning in strategic human resources management in (Selection Company is Singtel ).


2.2 assess the human resource requirements in a given situation develop a human resources plan for an organisation Identify the specific situation 2.2 Longest-Three Parts 1) Requirement 2) What is the given situation (very specific)-International Expansion etc 3) Develop HR Plan: Apply the steps from recruitment, selection… -developing human resources plan -analyse organisational objectives -human resources present inventory -forecasting human resource requirements -assess the Manpower Gaps Human resource Action plan -Monitoring, control and feedback.


2.3 critically evaluate how a human resources plan can contribute to meeting an organisation’s objectives (the selected company is Singtel) What are the specific objectives (Real Objectives)? How the HR plan contribute? Selection/Training contribute to meeting an organisation’s objectives organisational objectives -research on the selected company website or financial report(2019,2020).


3.1 relate and apply the purpose of human resource management policies in organisations (my selected company is Singtel) most important purposes of HR policies in selected Company Apply Strategic Human resources management policies in (Selection Company )  Providing clear communication between an organization and its employees regarding their condition of employment. -Forming a basis for treating all employees fairly and equally -Setting and managing employee expectations -Establishing guidelines for supervisors and managers -Ensuring all policies are aligned to legal requirements and best practices -HR practices and Leadership -Equity and Fairness -HR compliance makes business good.


3.2 analyse the impact of regulatory requirements on human resource policies in an organisation Human resource policies and apply your selected company (Singtel company ) -Regulatory requirements on Strategic Human resource management policies in (Selected company) -Singapore Employment Act impact on the employment contract and human resource policies in an organisation.


4.1 critically analyse the impact of an organisational structure on the management of human resources(for selected company ) -Singtel organisational structure impact on Strategic human resource management -Selected company organisational structure impact on Strategic human resource management structure for the company Tall Structure Many Layers-Slow Decision Making-Rigid Matrix Structure-Report to two bosses-cause confusion, Identify your selected company’s structure and impact What kinds of structure what are the advantages/disadvantages of these structures, affecting the HR function What are the different type of functional structure Impact of organisational structure on the management of HR -Relationship between HRM and organisational structure -advantages of a structure -disadvantages of the structure.


4.2 analyse the impact of organisational culture on the management of human resources – identify the company of the culture -Identify your company’s culture and impact -What kinds of cultures -Impact of organisational culture on the management of HR how is the going to affect human resource management – Identify the corporate culture -positive or negative impact on your HR Function -impact of Singtel organisational culture strategic human resource management positive impact – negative impact on the company culture -how corporate culture impact human resource management.


4.3 evaluate and reflect upon the effectiveness of human resources management is monitored in an organisation – How to measure HR effectiveness Measuring HR outcomes – determining whether HR is delivering the outcomes necessary for the business’s success


  • How happy and satisfied are our employees? How engaged are employees with their work and the organisation?
  • What is our employee churn rate?
  • What is our absenteeism rate?
  • What is the impact of our training? Assessing HR service delivery Is the HR team itself delivering good service?
  • How effective is the induction programme?
  • Are employees being developed sufficiently?
  • How likely are employees to recommend the company?
  • How do employees rate the performance management process?
  • Measuring HR internal efficiency and effectiveness Are we recruiting through the most effective channels?
  • How effective are we at recruiting the competencies the business needs? What are our costs-per-hire?
  • What are our training costs?
  • How effective are the different types of training? Auditing HR compliances Are our policies and practices up to date?
  • Are employees properly trained on new policies and practices? Do employees understand key policies and practices?
  • Is our employee handbook up to date?
  • Are we meeting our equality and diversity obligations?


4.4 suggest justified recommendations to improve the effectiveness of human resources management in an organisation -improve the effectiveness of strategic human resource management at Singtel – 5.0 conclusion 6.0 References