HRM302 Question and Answers on Managing Change

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Create a PowerPoint, invent a story about yourself about what happened during this pandemic and what change you had to go through at work in the slides, do your own self-reflection.


Reflect on how your understanding of managing change has developed over the trimester. Apply the theory, concepts, and your own experiences to explain your understanding of change management


Assessment Description


You have been exposed to a range of content exploring the theory, concepts, and diagnostic tools which apply to managing change. The influences that can trigger the need for change and, as a result, concepts of power and why people resist change have also been covered. The principle of what we have covered has been in a workplace environment, as well as elements of social change.


In Australia and in the current environment, we have witnessed high levels of change in a crisis situation; as a result, many businesses have needed to make rapid changes to their operations and comply with government social change policy, which also impacts business change management.


Everybody has a different story in relation to their experiences over the past six months; therefore, for this video presentation, reflect on what you have been learning about managing change and apply this to your own experiences. Your presentation should address the following:


1. What were the three key things you learnt which have improved your understanding of change management?


2. Describe two ways you think this understanding has made you more capable of dealing with change?