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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: Open
  • Words: 1500
  • Course Code: HLSC122
  • Course Title: Evidence for Practice
  • University: Australian Catholic University
  • Country: AU


Essay – critical appraisal of evidence To demonstrate your ability to critically appraise a piece of published evidence in relation to a clinical issue. Using the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP), you will demonstrate the ability to critically appraise the design and methods of a systematic review, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the study.

Structure: Introduction –

• Students are to state the study they chose to discuss and outline what they will be addressing in the body. Identifying a clinical problem What is the problem and why is this a problem?

• Students are asked to identify what the clinical problem/issue is and describe the impact of the problem/issue. Refer to the literature. Research question

• Students are asked to quote the research question with referencing, then describe in their own words the aim of the study. Critical Appraisal-

• Students are asked to identify the level of evidence and consider the following with reference to the literature:

• Sample size

• Ethics approval

• Instruments used

• Methodology (validity and reliability)

• How the data was analysed

• Limitations of the study Application of evidence in the clinical area  Students are asked to describe the outcome of this study

• Students are asked to critically analyse the application of evidence within the clinical area and refer to 2 barriers and 2 facilitators to the application, with reference to the literature.


• Students are to state their findings/conclusion(s) and any relevance to clinical practice.