GSB004 Assignment Solutions on Managing Developing & Implementing Strategy

Assessment Brief:
  • Topic: Strategy Plan
  • Words: 4000

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Task description


The objective of this assessment task is to demonstrate that you understand how to prepare a strategic plan after successfully completing an external and internal environmental analysis exercise to understand your organization’s current situation, including whether it has been able to achieve its strategic and performance objectives.


Assessment 2 builds on Assessment 1. Thus, the focal organization for Assessment 2 should be the same as that used for Assessment 1.


You are required to address the following:


  1. Summarize what you have learned by analyzing the external and internal environments, current strategy and recent performances for your organization, and the implications of these findings as a result of completing Assessment 1. You should explain the significance of these findings and implications. (Approx. 300 words)


  1. Assess whether the organization/department/division/SBU has resources at its disposal that are performance differentiating or could improve the firm’s performance and competitiveness in the future. In other words, evaluate the internal resources using resource-based view principles as recommended in class and the set text. Discuss the gaps identified in the current strategy, etc. as is appropriate by conducting a gap analysis, including from a resource-based view. The body of your report should explain the most important aspects of your analysis and their implications. Details of the analysis should be placed in appendices. (Approx. 400 words)


  1. Summarize the current strategy and where performance gaps exist or more opportunity related gaps exist, including as compared to competitors and in terms of customers’ and other stakeholders’ changing needs, and to what extent scope exists to address the gaps in the next iteration of the strategy. (Approx. 300 words)


  1. Conduct a SWOT analysis and/or integrated SWOT analysis or another suitable analysis with the view to identify suitable options for the future. Explain the strategic options available to the organization/department/division/SBU. Explain which strategic option(s) could most benefit the organization. Justify your arguments as to why one set of options should be considered the preferred option for going forward. Discuss what should be included in the next iteration of the strategy, and why. (Approx. 500 words)


  1. Consider whether the options are consistent with the current vision, mission, advertised organizational values and key stakeholders’ goals. Feel free to generate new vision, mission and value statements if this is required. (Approx. 250 words)


  1. Identify programs, projects and/or initiatives that could be used to realize the strategy you identified for the organization. Prepare a high-level implementation (action plan) that explains how the programs/projects and/or initiatives could be successfully and cost-effectively completed, including within a reasonable (strategic) time frame. Identify to what extent the functional or operational areas are required to cooperate, ensure that the implementation plan covers all relevant systems and processes, resources and capabilities, and structural changes that are necessary to be able to fully implement the strategy. (Approx. 700 words)


  1. Comment on the most important leadership, people and change management issues that will need to be addressed to ensure people cooperate, systems and processes, etc. are changed as is required, and change is appropriated reinforced. (Approx. 250 words)


  1. Conclude by discussing your findings, including the strategy you believe should be pursued in the future, to what extent it provides option value for the future, and why you believe it should be implemented as you propose. Adopting a professional tone, you should reflect on the tools and techniques you used to analyse the external environment, the current strategy and recent performances, and the soundness of the arguments put forward about the future strategy and how it should be implemented. You should also reflect on the extent to which Assessment 1 provided a basis for successfully completing Assessment 2. For instance, were there [earnings or findings that were unique to Assessment 2 and not considered at all in Assessment 1? If so, why? (Approx. 300 words)


Assessment Submission Requirements:


A report with appendices which includes the following but is not necessarily limited to these sections:


  1. An executive summary and contents page


  1. An introduction, explaining the most important findings from Assessment 1


  1. Discussion of your external and internal analysis, and SWOT and/or gap analysis findings, including any inconsistencies revealed


  1. Summarize the current strategy and which gaps still exist, including in terms of industry and/or competitor dynamics, threats and opportunities that need to be addressed, and customers’ and other stakeholders’ changing needs


  1. Discussion of the strategic options available and justify your recommendations, including which is the preferred option(s) for going forward to be reflected in the next iteration of the strategic plan


  1. Consideration of the current vision, mission and value statements in relation to your recommendations


  1. Develop an implementation plan by identifying programs, projects and initiatives, and the resources that will be needed, etc., and timelines, etc


  1. Comment on the change management approach, including how different stakeholders will be considered and informed, etc


  1. Conclusion


  1. Reference list and appendices.


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