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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles : APA 
  • Course Code: GMBA8021
  • Course Title: Investment Recommendation
  • University: Australian Catholic University
  • Country: AU


Assignment 2 – Investment Recommendation Due: Monday 24 July 11:59pm (Week 6) Weighting: 60% Format: Document File (Group); Excel Spreadsheet (Group – Optional); and Document File (Individual Reflection) Length: 3,000 words (excl. references) Detailed instructions: Part A: Task is worth 30% and has a word limit of 2500. You are required to choose two (2) organisations within the same industry that have financial data available. These may be listed for-profit firms (e.g. ASX listed companies) or charities (e.g. ACNC registered charities). You may consult with your lecturer as to the appropriateness of your selection. Based on a combination of financial and qualitative analysis, your are required to recommend investment in one of the two organisations, having drawn a comparison against the other. Your collective recommendation should be made upon the completion of the following tasks:


1. Conduct a horizontal analysis to observe trends over time in the major components of the financial statements, both the income statement and the statement of financial position. You are then required to comment on the most interesting observations;


2. Apply a vertical analysis on the same items as those analysed for the horizontal analysis, commenting on your observations and specifically on any new findings you discover;


3. Prepare a budgeted income statement and statement of financial position for the next year following the logic of your trend analysis, both the horizontal and vertical analysis; and


4. Your investment recommendation should also include suggestions that would enhance the organisation’s financial performance and position in the next twelve months. These may include, but are not limited to, improvements to the organisation’s strategy, its financing levels, its form of financing etc.


You should consider: financial analysis and the use of vertical and horizontal analysis over a period of years; an attempt at budgeting one year into the future from the most recent financial statements; and careful consideration of strategic and other objectives of the firm and the manner in which they are likely to manifest in your collective opinion. Part B: Personal Reflection worth 30% and has a word limit of 500 words. In addition to above task, you are also required to complete an individual report on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the organisation you have recommended for investment. Your report should be addressed to the board of directors and focus on how the pandemic has impacted the organisation and provide some strategic recommendations to ensure the future survival of the organisation. Your recommendations must be feasible and realistic so that the organisation could successfully implement them. Your individual report is focussed on the distant future so should not overlap too much with your group report which has a short term focus.