Financial Performance Management Assessment Questions


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Summative Assessment


There will be one summative assessment which involves a comprehensive analysis of the financial and non-financial performance of an international organization (of your choice) and its closest competitor. You are required to select an international organization (company A), identify its closest competitor (company B), and analyze their financial performance using ratio analysis. You are then required to summarize and critique the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) literature and develop a balanced scorecard performance evaluation of the organization (company A) and its critical success factors. Finally, you need to provide a critical analysis of the benefits and challenges of adopting Integrated Reporting for your selected organization (company A).


Formative Assessment


During the module, you are asked to submit a “Report overview” by the set deadline. It represents an opportunity to start working towards the assessment and receive feedback early in the module. Detailed instructions on the Formative Assessment will be available on Moodle.


There will also be regular opportunities for Q&A on your summative work while it is under construction. Note that we will not provide any written or marks indicative feedback on drafts for summative assessment at any time. Should you perceive any formative feedback such way, then please note that it is not binding for your marking. Markers can also always change and you have no entitlement to be marked by the module convener or tutors.


Structure and Presentation (Summative Assessment)


The assignment should address the following questions:

Question 1 (30%). Select an international organisation (of your choice – company A) and identify its closest competitor (company B). Present the two organisations and the criteria used for the identification of the competitor. Use ratio analysis technique to evaluate the financial performance of the two organizations; draw a comparative evaluation and critically discuss the findings. You need to access the annual financial statements of the last two years and provide details of the ratio calculations.

It is recommended to use graphs and tables to present your analysis, and cite academic literature.


Question 2 (30%). With reference to relevant literature, critically evaluate Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System. Develop a proposed Balanced Scorecard to include critical success factors (CSF’s) for your selected organisation (company A).


Question 3 (30%). Provide a critical analysis of the benefits and challenges of adopting Integrated Reporting (IR) for your selected organization (company A). Use academic literature and refer to the International Integrated Reporting <IR> framework to support your discussion.


Presentation (10%). Mark awarded for presentation refers to overall structure and presentation, academic style of writing, use of Harvard style for references and in text citations. You need to use a comprehensive range of relevant (academic and professional) sources; use of online sources should be limited and the reliability of the source should be verified. All sources need to be acknowledged and referenced properly to ensure the originality of the work. The report needs to follow the below structure and address the three questions. The word limit for this assignment is 3,500 words (10% tolerance) excluding references, tables, figures, and appendix.


Important note: Please refrain from selecting companies that have been shown for demonstration purposes during the sessions (this includes, for example, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Axa, Philip Morris, Monnalisa, Impahla Clothing, Viasat, Dellas).


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