Essay on What the Bible Says About a Contemporary Issue

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Essay on What the Bible Says About a Contemporary Issue


Assignment Details:

  • Words: 2000


Assessment 3 – Essay


In this assignment you will write an essay on what the Bible says about a contemporary issue. You will choose from a list of topics and look at verses from the Bible that might address the issue to form a view on how Christians should act in response. You can also look at how your religion/worldview/holy book might address the topic and you can compare these two approaches.


This essay is worth 40% of your mark and is 2000 words long.


Here is what you need to do


1. Choose one of the following topics


  • Poverty
  • Women’s Rights
  • Abortion
  • Corrupt political leadership
  • Refugees
  • Racism


2. Look up verses in the Bible that might speak to this topic. (Do not look up what other Christians say on the topic, just the Bible verses)


3. Write down a summary of each verse and how it might address the topic you have chosen


4. Summarise your findings in a few paragraphs


5. Look up what your worldview, religion or holy book might say on the topic


6. Summarise this material into a few paragraphs


7. Compare the two worldviews


8. Now write your essay. This is the assessment you will hand in. Your essay should include the following:




  • Tell me what you are going to do (see the list above)
  • Tell me what your topic is and why you have chosen it
  • Tell me that you will look at what the Bible says and also your chosen worldview


Body Part 1


  • Tell me about your chosen topic
  • Tell me what is it
  • Tell me why it an issue
  • Tell me why it is important that it should it be addressed
  • Give me some contemporary example of this problem
  • Use references from ALL material that you used to underscore what you are telling me
  • Use proper sentences and regular paragraphs to break up your ideas and to improve flow


Body Part 2


  • Now tell me what the Bible says about this topic by referring to your chosen verses and making comments on what they mean to your topic
  • Summarise your thoughts


Body Part 3


  • Tell me what your own religion/worldview or holy book might say about the same topic


Body Part 4


  • Compare the two approaches
  • What is the same and what is different




  • Now summarise what you have just done
  • DO NOT introduce ANY new material
  • Tell me what you have leaned about what the Bible says by taking on this assignment


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