Emergency Evacuation – Certificate IV in Community Services


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Part A – Emergency Evacuation and Incident Report


This part of the assessment will require you to watch a video about a building evacuation due to a fire.

Whilst watching the video you will need to take down notes. You will then need to complete the Incident form.



  1. Access and watch this link – Building Evacuation due to a Fire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqwPyPlCOQk This video is 5:47 minutes long.


  1. From the video identify the 2 prescribed roles (Chief Fire Warden and Floor Warden) that you see. From the video document the duties which are assigned to each role.
  • Chief Fire Warden duties:
  • She checked all the rooms and told employees to leave.
  • Told people to go to a nearest safe exit.
  • Making sure all the building is completely evacuated.
  • Told them using stairs instate of left.
  • Asking for helping people with mobility impairments.
  • Ask for a medical emergency for an injured employee.


  • Chief Floor Warden:
  • Making sure all the employees are in the point area.
  • Told the employees to wait until further instruction.
  • Couniting the people they were in the building.
  • Making sure that everything clear then employees can return to the building


  1. Investigate and document the role/duties of a Chief Fire Warden and a Floor Warden. Your research and information MUST be Australian based. This information MUST be put into your own words. No copying from internet sources. This is plagiarism.
  • Responsibilities of a Chief Fire Warden:

from the moment the alarm sounds until the arrival of the emergency service and until the emergency service advises to re-enter the building, make sure appropriate emergency services are notified, make sure ground guards are notified of the situation, initiate evacuation procedures if necessary, notify emergency services personnel on their arrival and then follow the Chief Emergency Services Officer’s instructions.


  • Responsibilities of a Floor Warden:

If conditions on their floor guarantee it, order the occupants on the floor to evacuate, talk to the chiefwarden and follow their instructions, instruct them to check the foundation for any unusual situation, as soon as possible. Advise the Chief Warden as quickly as possible on their destination and possible action, also floor warden must be familiar with the floor or zone they current, the location of fire doors, smoke doors, fire blankets, portable fire extinguishers, firefighters’ location and operation.


  1. At 3:42 into the video you will notice that someone has become injured whilst evacuating the building.


  1. Using the injury you have seen in the video and information provided to you in class, complete the Incident report form. You may make up additional details of date/time/name etc but stick to the main details in the video.



Part B- Maintaining records


For this part of the assessment you must imagine that you are the WHS Officer for your work area. You have received various incident reports over the last few months (including the one in Part A). There have been 20 incident reports overall:

  • Four of them related to injuries sustained during an emergency evacuation drill.
  • Five related to slips trips and falls (particularly in the corridors as these are often cluttered),
  • Three were manual handling (several back injuries caused by lifting and carrying heavy boxes)
  • Two were related to workplace stress
  • One was a needle stick injury in the outdoor area
  • Three were minor injuries related to violence caused by clients
  • Two were burns sustained in the kitchen area. One of the burns was serious and resulted in a two week stay in the burns unit.

In the space below, explain how you will maintain these incident reports to comply with workplace procedure and legislative requirements.


Your answer must include:

  • Any incident/s that must be reported to Worksafe
  • WHS risk assessment requirements
  • Privacy and record keeping requirements.





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