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ELCC2505 Leadership And Research In Early childhood Education And Development Assignment 





Referencing Styles: APA

Course Code: ELCC2505

Course Title: leadership and research in early childhood education and development


Assignment 3

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Date: please course schedule Professional portfolio Directions: The portfolio provides you with an opportunity to document and reflect on your development as an early childhood educator. Your portfolio may contain work that has already been graded in other classes. This work will not be re-graded in the portfolio. Rather, your grade for the portfolio will be based on those things that make the portfolio itself a coherent work: the introduction, any additional framing (annotations, captions, etc.), the selection and arrangement of artefacts, the portfolio essay and overall organization

PART A: Contents of the Professional Portfolio


Step 1: Title Page- This would be the first page in your e-Portfolio.

Step 2: Table of Contents: Outlines the order of your e-Portfolio. The Table of Contents should be a directory of all the documents that are included in your portfolio, listed in the order in which they appear. Do not number items or pages because the articles may be constantly changing or being added to. You can organize your portfolio into sections.

Step 3: Current Resume Personal Philosophy statement – in regards to early childhood education and your image of the child. Leadership quotes- include a quote relating to leadership and a brief description of how it applies to your emerging leadership skills. Job Reference list with contact information (3 persons)

Step 4: Artifacts- Collection of supporting documents (12-14 pieces).These artefacts should highlight your childcare and related experiences demonstrate how you have grown professionally over time and demonstrate why you would be a good fit for an available position in a childcare program. See examples of artefacts in the handout in your content area: Identifying artefacts. Be sure to include a variety of artefacts/ documents that highlight yours.


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if Formal and informal education and training- maximum 4 certificatesï ƒ˜     Documentation and Planning- include a variety ïƒ ˜Relationships with families and Community – include variety Maintaining Health and Safety Policies ï ƒ ˜Achievements/Accomplishments- examples might include evaluations/comments from your instructor, employer, testimonials from families, awards etc.  Other- any other relevant artefact that would depict your competencies. These should show relevance to the field. Do not include too many certificates; limit these to a maximum of 4. Each Artifact should:ï‚·have a title/label ï‚· Include a brief description that clearly identifies and describes the artefact. (Maximum 3 sentences for this description).


PART B: Portfolio Essay & Reflection. Please upload to dropboxPortfolio

Essay: (3-4 pages)excluding title and reference page Introduction: The first paragraph should provide a brief overview of yourself. This will include:  Tell me about yourself: You may answer this by providing a summary to Who you are as an ELCC educator, what are your best qualities, qualification and strengths that will make you the best person for the job in a child care program .ïƒ ˜Importance: Explain briefly, why your portfolio is important and relevant to you. Next Paragraphs: Talk about the artefacts/pieces Inside your portfolio each paragraph in the body of your essay should mention one or groups of artefact (as outlined in step 4 -For example, one paragraph could focus on all the artefacts relating to documentation and Planning). Briefly explain the artefacts and discuss what the reader can expect to find inside your portfolio. Through detailed description in the body of the portfolio, you will show the reader how each artefact in step 4 illustrates or highlights your qualities, qualification, achievements and strengths that will make you the best person for the job in a childcare program.


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Include specific examples from the artefacts when you refer to them to draw out their unique features. For example, in one paragraph, if you are talking about your strengths in planning and implementing play experiences, you need to mention all the artefacts that you have included in step 4, ( that relates to documenting and planning) then explain how the artefacts that you have included highlights your competency in planning. Include relevant in-text citations/quotes from your readings to support your writing. Citations in APA format.Your Portfolio Essay Conclusion: Finally, in order to wrap it all up, you can write your portfolio essay conclusion. Ideas can include a discussion of your proudest moments or one of your best achievements from the year or semester. Summarize your strengths and your desired improvements for the coming year. You can even talk about the experiences or mentoring from others that have contributed to who you are today. Reference list: references in APA format for all paraphrased and quoted information.


PART C: Interview Role Play & Reflection (5%)

The role-play will be a job interview for a childcare program position. For this role play, you will be required to make an appointment with a director or supervisor of a childcare program. They will each be asked to use the attached evaluation form (for the interview roleplay) to assess your performance.During the interview, you will be practising how to effectively use your portfolio. For example: Look at the interview questions that you have created and think about how you might answer these questions and skillfully refer to items in your portfolio that illustrate/answer these questions.Please note that your portfolio should be used at least 3 times to provide support to your responses in the interview. Role of the Interviewee (each learner)As the interviewee, you will take on the role of coming in for an interview for an educator’s position. You will need to have: Your professional portfolio with relevant documents.  2 appropriate questions that you will ask at the end of the interview.


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After the interview: Reflection: 5%Include a 1-page reflection outlining your experience of the interview process and using a portfolio. Reflect on using the portfolio: ï‚·Would you recommend the portfolio to be used during an interview? Why/why not? ï‚·Reflect on your strengths and areas for improvement. Use examples from the completed evaluation form to guide you. ï‚·In what ways would you do things differently (in the portfolio interview) if you could do it over again?ï‚·What did you learn about yourself when you compiled and used your portfolio? ï‚·What do you like about using the portfolio? Why?ï‚·What did you not like? Why? Submit your portfolio, your interview reflection and the interview evaluation forms to the dropbox. This exercise is worth 25% of your final mark. Papers that are missing a reference list or in-text citations will not be graded and all papers will be checked for academic dishonesty. Assessments must adhere to the APA formatting guidelines set out in the Library and Learning Commons http://bowvalleycollege.libguides.com/apa-sty