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BSBADM504 Plan And Implement Administrative Systems Sample Assessment Answers




Course Code: BSBADM504

Course Title: Plan and implement administrative systems


Task: Questions


Part 1 Planning for a new or modified administrative system


  1. Write a list of 4 separate administrative systems in this business and their main purpose/functions.
  2.  If you were asked to lead a project team to upgrade an administrative system in your workplace, what methods would you use to identify and collect information on any modifications needed for an administrative system?
  3.  You may answer this question using general information or identify a specific administrative system to help with your answers.
  4. What is a stakeholder?
  5. Explain the difference between internal and external stakeholders.
  6. Identify 3 internal, and 3 external stakeholders in this workplace.
  7. Using dot points, write a list of 3 requirements that your managers may have when considering modifications to an administrative system.
  8. Briefly describe why an organisation would allocate a budget to an administrative upgrade project.
  9.  What does + or – 10% mean when discussing the budget for a project and why would it be used?
  10. Briefly describe what a quotation is.
  11. Why is it necessary to obtain quotations from a range of suppliers?
  12. What types of information could be included in a purchasing policy?  Write a list of 5 dot points.
  13. Why could it be dangerous to choose a supplier based on ‘word of mouth’ or personal recommendations from friends, family or employees?
  14.  Why would you develop selection criteria when deciding on a supplier?
  15. What is a supplier selection criteria table, and how does it help with the selection process?
  16. What does it mean to ‘weight’ some of the selection criteria when choosing potential suppliers?
  17. How would you ensure that the equipment/systems you are considering are suitable for your workplace requirements?


Part 2: Implementing the new or modified administrative system


  1.  What does implementation mean when upgrading an administrative system?
  2. Give 3 reasons why it is important to encourage staff participation when implementing a new system.
  3. When installing a new payroll system, why is it important to have stages in the implementation process.
  4. Identify at 3 or more stages in implementing a new payroll system.
  5. When Implementing a new payroll system, why would Privacy Laws need to be discussed with staff and contractors?
  6. Who would be the best person/people to develop procedures for using the new payroll system? Give reasons for your answer.
  7. How would you tell the
  8. staff about how to use the new payroll system? Give reasons for your answer.
  9. If you have very experienced payroll staff, would it still be necessary to give them training in the new payroll system?  Why/why not?
  10. For the new payroll system, describe the benefits of:
  11. appointing mentors, and
  12. writing a training manual.
  13. What is a contingency and why is it necessary?
  14. Write a short dot point list of contingency plans you would put in place when implementing a new payroll system to minimise the impact on users.


Part 3: Monitoring the new or modified administrative system


  1. Why might staff avoid using a new administrative system?  Provide a list of 4 or more dot points
  2. What is a ‘parallel system’ and how could it help with the security of administrative records?
  3. Write a dot point list of at least 3 additional security measures that should be put in place for a new computer system.
  4. As a team leader, how would you ensure that the new system is functioning well, and it is having a positive impact on productivity?
  5. Once a new computerised payroll system has been fully installed and tested, we don’t have to worry about it any more.
  6. As a team leader, how would you monitor the new payroll system? Using dot points, list 3 separate methods.
  7. If an administrative system has recently been upgraded, give 3 reasons why could you need to modify the system again within a short period of time.
  8. If there are problems with the new system, as a team leader working in a separate office space, how would you find out about the issues? Provide 3 examples.
  9. If further modifications were required, identify all stakeholders and provide up to 6 numbered steps on the action you would take. The list should be in order – what you would do first, second, etc.
  10. If a new system has operating problems, what are some of the issues that could potentially be resolved by providing further staff training? Give 3 examples.