CPPREP4003 – Access and Interpret legislation in Real Estate Assignment Help


Assignment Detail:-

Number of Words: 3000


CPPREP4003 - Access and Interpret legislation


Question 1

Identify and explain 2 common problems that people have when trying to interpret legislation.


Question 2

Name 2 consequences that could occur if a real estate employee misinterpreted legislation.


Question 3

Reading Acts, Regulations and other laws requires an understanding of the structure of Australian Government legislation.  Give a brief explanation of the following area/headings found when reading Acts, regulations and other laws.

  • Long Title
  • Short Title
  • Commencement
  • Application
  • Contents
  • Definition
  • Headings


Question 4

Identify and list the names of Commonwealth legislation, and legislation of your state or territory that relate to the following aspects of operating a real estate agency.


  • Anti-discrimination and equal employment opportunity
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Employment and industrial relations
  • Consumer protection, fair trading and trade practices
  • Foreign investment
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Financial services, financial probity and taxation
  • Franchises and business structure
  • Property management including leases and tenancy agreements
  • Property sales and auctions
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Privacy
  • Secret commission
  • Real estate licencing


Question 5

Explain the legal framework in Australia.

  • Statute law
  • Common law
  • Contract law
  • Equity law


Question 6

Explain the following main components of legislation

  • Acts
  • Regulations
  • Amendments
  • Mandatory codes of conduct
  • Schedules
  • Appendices


Question 7

What resources are available to you to assist you in interpreting legislation? Include in your answer sources of specialist advice, source documents and government and industry bodies.


Question 8

Explain the following statutory interpretation rules:

  • Literal rule
  • Mischief rule
  • Golden rule
  • Purposive approach
  • Express mention of one thing to the exclusion of another


Question 9

List (3) websites where you can access information on Commonwealth and/or state legislation.


Question 10

Identify and list the names and websites of (2) bodies that provide support and guidance for estate agency personnel.


Question 11

Access the most current version of the main legislation covering real estate and property management operations for your state or territory and then answer the following questions;

  1. Name the most current version of the real estate legislation for your state or territory including the name, version and year
  2. Name the most current version of the property management legislation for your state or territory including the name, version and year
  3. Explain in 100-150 words how you would know whether legislation is current.
  4. Explain techniques you could apply to track changes and amendments to legislation.


Question 12

Outline how you could track changes and amendments to legislation to ensure you are staying up to date.


Question 13

Explain the role that regulators have in relation to legislation.


Question 14

What is the responsibility of real estate personnel to access, read, interpret and apply legislation to their real estate activity?


Question 15

Explain the interrelationship between various pieces of relevant legislation.


Question 16

Provide an explanation of “internal aids” and “external aids” in interpreting legislation.

  • List 3 internal aids to interpret legislation
  • List 3 external aids to interpret legislation

Question 17

Explain the application of the following language conventions and expressions.

  • And/or
  • Gender
  • Hierarchy
  • Includes
  • May
  • Should
  • Must


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