Corporate Strategy Assignment Solution Online for MBA Students


Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 7000
  • Citation/Referencing Style: Harvard


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Corporate Strategy Assignment







Select an existing organisation in an industry of your choice. The organisation can be either a profit or non-profit seeking organisation. If it is necessary, you may use a fictitious name for the organisation – however, do note that whatever information you use for your project is for assessment purposes only and will not be shared with third parties. If possible, select an organisation that you are familiar with and where information can be made available to you as per the requirements of your project. Please note that you are expected to fully base your answers on the chosen entity. It is advisable to go through the questions first to ensure that your chosen organisation will give you access to the type of information that you require.


The format of the project should be as follows:

  1. Cover page
  2. Table of contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Questions one to five
  5. Conclusion
  6. Reference list
  7. Appendices (if required)


The length of your answers to each question should be in line with the mark allocation. Your answers must include any theories, charts, tables or exhibits necessary to support your analysis and recommendations.


Ensure that the readings are not merely reproduced in the project without original critical comments and views. Cohesive and logical arguments reflecting original thinking is encouraged.


You MUST use theory/literature to support your discussion/observation and opinions

Using the selected organisation as the basis for your project, attempt the following questions:


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Answer ALL the questions in this section.


Question 1 


Give a background of the chosen organisation to provide context for the marker. This should include information such as: –

  1. Company description (constituents and services offered) and brief history
  2. Leadership
  3. Parent company or subsidiary information
  4. Branches/locations
  5. Operational highlights – number of employees, goals and accomplishments


Question 2


All organisations operate within the broader society and the natural environment. What an organisation can and cannot do in terms of its strategy or strategies is constrained not only by legislation, government policies and regulatory requirements but also by what is considered ethical and in accordance with the expectations of society and community standards.”

(MANCOSA 2022)


Using your chosen organisation as the basis for your answer and keeping the above statement in mind, examine the five key issues the organisation should be paying attention to. Your answer should evaluate what importance the organisation places on these key issues.


Question 3


Analyse and discuss the drivers of industry and competitive changes as they relate to your chosen organisation.


Question 4


Every organisation has its unique culture which either contributes positively or negatively to the general success of the organisation and more specifically strategy implementation. Evaluate the culture within your chosen organisation and discuss the impact of that culture on strategy implementation.


Question 5


Consider the importance of an organisation’s leadership in the implementation of strategy. Evaluate the leadership in your chosen organisation and conclude on whether they possess the characteristics of good strategic leaders