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CHCLEG001 Work Legally and Ethically Simulation Observation Answer


CHCLEG001 Final Assessments-3 Answer


Assessment method 3 – Observation/ Presentation


Student’s Name:
Unit: CHCLEG001: Work Legally and Ethically
Assessor’s Name:
Workplace/simulated workplace:
Date of assessment:
Practical Assessment Instructions:

ALL STUDENTS: Presentation and Map

Scenario: Below is the scenario where you either develop a map by working in groups or role play accordingly as asked in the scenario.

In groups, identify the opportunities in your workplaces to improve work practices to meet legal and ethical responsibilities.


 Firstly, discuss and brainstorm your ideas and then convert them into a ten minute presentation that you deliver to the instructor.



Form Groups or work in Pairs to complete the task as outlined.

If the result of the assessment is that you are Not Yet Satisfactory, you may be required to retake the assessment.

Resources required for Practical Assessment
·  Appropriate workplace or simulated work placement where assessment can take place

·  Relevant organisation policy, protocols and procedures

·  Equipment and resources normally used in the workplace

·  Where for reasons of safety, space or access to equipment and resources, assessment takes place away from the workplace, the assessment environment should represent workplace conditions as closely as possible


Poster Presentation marking guide
Criteria S NY S N/A Comments


Overall Appearance & Layout of Material

· Relevant images, graphics & other visual elements

·  Support ideas presented in the poster/slide



·  Introduced themselves and topic

·  The student was well prepared

· The presentation followed a clear and logical sequence

·  Easy to read

·  Visual appearance, creative and interesting

·  Speaks clearly and audibly


Information presented was relevant and accurate which includes:

Reflect on own perspectives

· Own ability to work inclusively and with understanding of others.

· Identify and act on ways to improve own self and social awareness at workplace.

Appreciate diversity and inclusiveness, and their benefits

· Contribute to the development of work place and professional relationships based on appreciation of diversity and inclusiveness.

·  Respecting diversity at workplace

Communicate     with     people     from    diverse backgrounds and situations

·  Importance of communication at workplace,

· Verbal and non-verbal communication used at workplace to build trust and confidence

Promote understanding across diverse groups


· Difficulties or misunderstandings that occur, considering the impact of social and cultural diversity

· resolve differences, taking account of diversity considerations.

Sentence & Grammar

·  Clearly conveys concepts

· Spelling grammar, punctuation and logical structure

Research, Reading & Referencing

·  Evidence of research and variety of sources

·  Appropriate referencing

Time management

·  The student paced themselves appropriately.

Peer involvement

· The presentation was engaging and encouraged active involvement of the class


· The answers to questions helped the rest of

the class to clearly understand the presentation


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