CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People Assessment Questions




Assessment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 3000



Answer the following question based on resources provided and group discussion;


Identify a range of challenges that some refugees may encounter.

* Finding employment

* Affordable accommodation

* Learning English

* Financial difficulties

* Racism and Discrimination

* Mental health issues from traumatic events

* Education

* Language barrier

* Lack of communication to be able to contact family or friends who remain in conflict situations

* Health issues

* Access to transportation


Identify at least 2 organisations and the range of services they provide for refugees and newly arrived migrants.

  1. Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)
  2. Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA)


* Legal support

* Provide education

* Allowing people to volunteer to donate funds or food

* Temporary housing

* Supporting employment pathways

* Health care

* Promoting empowerment of refugee communities

* Visionary plans for the refugees to be heard about their stories and the right for them to be respected



Cultural bias occurs when you judge others based on your views from your own culture. What are some of your own social and cultural perspectives (views) and biases (prejudices)? What factors do you feel have played a part in these?



Developing your self-awareness helps you learn more about yourself and what you’re capable of. This means having insight into your strengths and weaknesses and how this affects our abilities to deal with challenges. Being socially aware means that you understand how you react to different social situations, and effectively adapt your interactions with others so that you achieve the best results.

What are your limitations in self and social awareness?

How can you work to become more self and socially aware?


Activity 2A   INDIVIDUAL

What diverse cultures have you encountered (come across)?

What are some of their cultural norms (expectations and rules)/practices that differ from your own?


Activity 2B Group

Based on your appreciation of diversity and inclusiveness in Australia, how might you develop positive workplace and professional relationships?



What is emotional safety and how can it be created?


Activity 2D GROUP

  • Watch the DVD “Aboriginal Dementia Care, a resource for service providers” Take notes during the presentation.
  • Read the last section of Learner workbook
  • Take a tour of the plaques in the College courtyard outlining events in Aboriginal history.
  • Access the TAFE library ,Indigenous resources collection.


Outline some of the key issues that affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, where they are disadvantaged compared to the rest of the Australian population?

How do these issues affect the access and use of services?


Activity 3A GROUP

What issues might arise for verbal and non-verbal communication?

How can you use verbal and non-verbal communication to establish rapport and enable the exchange of information?


Activity 3B Group

Consider the following barriers to communication. How would you tackle them?


  • Lack of training and/or experience
  • Confidence issues and/or low morale
  • Cultural and language issues
  • Negative attitudes
  • No incentives or recognition
  • Work overload
  • Personal issues



Research and list 2 interpretation and translation services you can use in your local area. List their name, website address, phone number, and location.


Activity 4A Group

Group Activity 4A

For the following conflicts explain how you would deal with them:


  • Closed or unreceptive attitudes
  • Mistrust or misunderstanding of people, organisations, systems and/or processes
  • Emotional states, such as fear, anger and frustration
  • Mistrust and conflict

                               (Separate paper provided)


Individual 4B

A cultural clash is when conflict occurs between people with different cultural values.

What things might you observe that could indicate a clash of cultures in the workplace?


Individual 4C

You may encounter a cultural clash in the workplace and be unsure of how to resolve it.

How can you build relationships with clients and co-workers from different cultural backgrounds? Outline at least 5 strategies.


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