CHCCCS015 Provide Individualised Support Assessment Solutions


Assignment Details:-

Number of Words: 2500


CHCCCS015 Provide Individualised


1. Imagine you were Tully’s support worker. Explain how you would do the following:

  • Interpret and clarify your role in putting in place an individualised plan for Tully, and why.
  • Who you would work with in putting together the individualised plan and why.
  • Who you would discuss issues with if you encountered situations that were beyond your skills, knowledge or area/s of responsibility, and what the role of that person would be?
  • Ensure that Tully understands her rights as a client and what she can do if she feels her rights are being infringed upon.


2. Explain how you would work with Tully to determine strategies to help her achieve her goal. In your answer, identify at least three strength-based activities that would assist in promoting her independence, and how you would ensure Tully is able to make her own informed decisions.


3. Identify at least two other health professionals who may be involved in supporting Tully to achieve her goal.


4. It’s two weeks later and Tully tells you that she wants to go for a longer walk today, down a particular tree-lined street that she finds relaxing. Her confidence has been building as she has noticed progress in her general health and wellbeing.


You know that the end of the street has some roadworks being done on it and there are a few noisy trucks and machinery. You tell Tully no, it’s not a good idea and explain why. She becomes frustrated and upset – she was so looking forward to the walk and thinks she can deal with the noise if she knows it’s coming and she can approach it slowly.


Have you done the right thing for Tully? Explain your answer. What other options could you have suggested?


5. It’s many months later and Tully has successfully quit smoking. She managed to get down to two cigarettes a day, and then decided to quit completely. She is ecstatic at exceeding her original goal! Explain how you would support Tully to maintain the strategies and skills she learned to help her quit smoking, to ensure that she does not ‘fall off the wagon’ and start smoking later down the track.


6. You go on leave for several weeks and when you return you notice that Tully’s stress and anxiety levels seem to have increased somewhat. She also appears to have put on some weight. There are several unfinished craft activities put aside and she appears to have no interest in completing them.


What appears to be the problem and what might be the risks involved? What would you do in this situation?


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