Strategic Planning Assignment Task Solutions


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 3000



Assignment Questions

Learners may use their own employment context, or that of another organisation with which they are very familiar, to base their assignment. However, in the case that they are not able to do so, please use the below scenario:


You are a senior manager within a large organisation.

Your role is to provide the organisation with the strategic vision of this business unit that meets organisational objectives.


Strategic Planning


Task 1

1.1: Critically evaluate the strategic aims and objectives of your organisation. You may wish to consider qualitative and or quantitative testing, or alignment Congruence modelling. Evaluate the theoretical underpinning approaches that have been adopted towards evolving strategic plans and planning activities.


1.2: Determine an option, by an established strategic options model of your choice with due reference. You may wish to assess the value of that model, with its ‘fitness for purpose.


1.3: Critically evaluate the impact of stakeholders within strategic plan and its planning horizon. The deployment of a suitable stakeholder concept may be considered; also, stakeholder mapping that has a strategic focus embedded in the mapping.


Assessment Criteria

1.1: Critically analyse and identify the organisation’s strategic aims and objectives including the approach adapted to strategic planning.

1.2: Determine alternative strategic options available and the implications for the organisation.

1.3: Critically evaluate the impact of stakeholder expectations on a strategic plan and the planning horizon.


Task 2

2.1: Critically identifies and evaluates possible strategic directions that may be taken to meet strategic aims and merge with the organisations stated missions. The evaluation may take into account macro and micro environmental constraints as appropriate for your purposes, as well as prevailing market conditions and competitor actions and perceived counter actions.


2.2: Determine and assess the feasibility of the options to meet and maximize on efficiency and effectiveness requirements. Keeping the planning horizon in focus, for your inclusions.


2.3: Determine the preferred strategic direction and conduct a risk assessment on the chosen strategies clearly addressing identified problems and constraints.


Assessment Criteria

2.1: Critically evaluate the alternative strategic options available to the organisation over the existing planning horizon and factoring in wider context market and competitor impacts.

2.2: Assess and determine the priorities and feasibilities of alternative options over existing planning horizons.

2.3: Carry out a risk assessment of the preferred strategy and alternative.

2.4: Identify, justify and articulate the selected strategies within the plan and address any potential problems.

2.5: Produce a strategic plan and its components to achieve then selected strategic direction.


Task 3

3.1: Explore the internal organisational factors, risk, culture, change activities, structure, nature of the business, factors of future business intentions as well as external factors as deemed appropriate to meet your needs. Place under critical review these factors; it is advised that you underpin this critical review with authenticated, tools, techniques methodologies and concepts as is appropriate.


3.2: Planning review, control and monitoring is an essential feature of strategic planning activities. For this task you are required to consider the time lines, activities, possible budgetary factors, and key scheduled activities. Determine how these mile stone events will be help under close monitoring, control, justifying the quality and suitability of the review mechanisms to be used throughout the implementation cycle.


3.3: Conduct an impact / risk analysis on the effects of the strategic activity endeavours on the organisations stated strategic objectives. You may if you wish keep in focus the full hierarchy of corporate objectives, where value can be derived for your purposes.


Assessment Criteria

3.1: Critically review the organisational and market factors to be considered in the implementation of the strategic plan.

3.2: Determine and apply a range of tools and concepts to monitor and review the strategic plan.

3.3: Determine the impact of the strategic plan on the organisation’s direction and achievement on the organisation’s objectives.


Assignment Conclusion

i) Stating the aim/ context of the assignment again

ii) Followed by a very brief summary of the main points

iii) Final comments often considering the future (for e.g.: what can be done to improve the implementation of a strategy in the future)


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