CHCCCS007 Develop & Implement Service Programs Assessment 2


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1. Assessment 2 Questions 1-22


List three (3) steps you would take to develop a consumer participation plan that ensures their engagement in decisions about the community service provision.

2. Identify any two (2) processes and two (2) communications that may be barriers to effective consumer participation.

3. What mechanisms could you develop to overcome these barriers you identified in Question 2.

4. List two (2) ways you could consult with people accessing your service.

5. Identify two (2) strategies you could implement for consulting and collaborating with other services

6. What is meant by multifaceted needs.

7. How organizations work may impact positively on service delivery.

8. What codes, standards and legislation may impact on the community services area you plan to work in.

9. Identify two (2) internal and two (2) external stakeholders whose input into program planning you consider is important.

10 List three (3) ways of incorporating service users individual differences, rights and needs into planning processes.

11. List three (3) strategies (one for each) that you can use to identify financial, human and physical resource requirements when planning.

12. What is the difference between competitive tendering process and philanthropic funding.

13. What are two (2) ways you could obtain feedback from service users.

14. What is a program plan? List its component and characteristics of a well-designed program.

15. Who is responsible for governance of an organisation and how is accountability ensured at all levels.

16. Outline the three (3) key steps to follow to facilitate training for a new program.

17. Describe the stages of monitoring a program.

18. List an appropriate strategy you could implement if you identify that a service users choices are not met by the provider or a community care worker.

19. Identify four (4) factors you would take into account when assessing a programs capacity to meet its objectives.

20. How does evaluation feed into continuous improvement.

21. What are two (2) methods you may use to seek feedback from a partnership organisation

22. How can you comply with the regulatory and sustainability considerations when planning and implementing a community sector service program.


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