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Cash Flow Analysis


Assignment Details:

  • Words: 750


Identifying relevant cash flows with special attention to the following:

    • sunk costs
    • cash flows obtained by cannibalization
    • the exploitation of excess transport capacity
    • corporate overhead allocations
    • cash flows of unrelated projects
    • inflation
    • The critical assessment of a capital-investment evaluation system
    • The treatment of conflicts of interest or other ethical dilemmas that may arise in investment decisions


Questions to Answer:


  • What changes, if any, should Ms. Morris ask Mr. Greystock to make in his discounted cash flow analysis, and why?
  • What should be communicated to the Transport Division, the director of sales, the assistant plant manager, and the analyst from the treasury staff?
  • How attractive is the Merseyside project? By what criteria? Remember the four metrics and what I stated about EPS. Please calculate Payback, Profitability Index, IRR, and NPV.
  • Should Morris continue to promote the project for funding?


It is very important to consider Incremental Cash flows. Only include cash flows that happen if and only if the project goes forward.


You will turn in an Executive Summary (a full case analysis is not necessary) answering the question above. You will turn in the amended Excel Spreadsheet as well. On this assignment, it is okay to use the original and add or delete the rows as necessary.


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