Can this Restaurant be Saved? – Case Study Assessment Answers


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  • Topic :: Can this restaurant be saved
  • Document Type :: Coursework
  • Subject :: Marketing
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If there is any one industry in which word-of-mouth can do great damage in a hurry, that industry would be food service, especially restaurants. A single round of food poisoning can drive away customers for months. Any tale of contamination or unsanitary conditions that circulates in a local community creates a major crisis for a restaurant owner.


John and Barbara Gayle knew the risks when they opened their new restaurant, The Jamaican Villa, in a small shopping center in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. With the recent wave of Jamaican and other Caribbean nationals to the area, two other successful Jamaican restaurants had opened across town. The couple believed that if they provided high-quality food in a pleasant atmosphere, their restaurant could succeed.


The business opened in the fall of 2018. First-year sales were better than expected. Various nationalities and ethnic groups (locals and visitors) regularly dined at The Jamaican Villa. The restaurant had two distinct serving areas: the dining room and the bar. In the dining room, authentic Jamaican music played softly in the background. There was plenty of room between tables. The floors were carpeted and clean. Servers were dressed in bright colored clothing and were carefully trained to be pleasant, efficient, and helpful. In the bar, the music was louder. The floors were tile. Smoking was permitted in a bar-type atmosphere. Television sets were tuned to sports programs. In both areas, customers were quickly greeted and served mini saltfish fritters at no charge. The menu was the same for both areas.


Both the bar and the dining room had regular customers who ate at the Villa as often as once a week. The Villa also had a strong lunch business, where a lighter menu with lower prices was featured. The restaurant was near a business district and shopping center, which provided access to many potential lunch guests.


The crisis occurred after The Jamaican Villa had been open for 15 months. In the spring of 2020, one of the Villa food preparers contracted an infectious case of hepatitis. Hepatitis is highly contagious and dangerous. The local health authorities discovered the problem and forced the Villa to close for 7 days. Word was sent out in the newspaper, on the radio, and on the local television news that anyone who had eaten at the Villa in the past 2 weeks should contact the government health authorities to be tested. Word spread quickly through Grand Cayman about the episode, both in the Jamaican community and to other groups.


Fortunately, no one was infected. The employee had worn protective gloves while preparing food. The safety precautions used at the restaurant had kept the disease from spreading to others.


John and Barbara had a limited budget for advertising. Once the news stories had run, the media quickly lost interest. At about the same time, the island closed its borders as result of the COVID-19 pandemic. What was expected to be a weeklong closure turned out to be a 6-month closure with only take-out options available for Jamaican Villa’s customers. Once the restaurant got the go ahead from the government to reopen its restaurant to indoor dining in September, it was impossible for the couple to capture the same audience to tell people that the health crisis had passed, and they were still the restaurant of choice. The number of customers who returned after the closure dropped dramatically and sales have been declining since. The couple began to wonder if people would ever come back. They have reached out to your marketing agency asking for help.





1. The Gayles are worried that their customers will not return to the restaurant. They have asked you to assist in their ad campaign by creating a creative brief that will target their customers, assuring them that there are no health concerns and Jamaica Villa should be their restaurant of choice.


      1. Provide an outline of this creative
      2. Create an advertisement from this
      3. Suggest an endorser to be used in the marcom campaign and explain your


2. Identify and explain how the Villa with its limited advertising budget, can use any three of the following IMC marketing tools to promote a positive brand image to the public.


      1. Traditional Media
      2. Digital marketing
      3. Social Media
      4. Alternative marketing
      5. Sales Promotion


3. The Villa Jamaica brand has been damaged by bad publicity. Describe how the Jamaican Villa improve its image through public relations, content marketing, viral marketing, and


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