Project Preparation Guidelines for PGDBM Program Students


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Project Guideline


The student pursuing post graduate diploma program shall submit one project as part of his/her fourth semester program structure. This project carries 4 credits.   The project shall be from the area of specialization of Post graduate diploma program however the students of PGDBM program will have the option to do project in Marketing, HR, or Finance.


Select a project where;

  1. You have some interest and understanding of the topic.
  2. There is a possibility to get sufficient data.
  3. Knowing that world knows everything, try and give something new or different in your topic (Research Gap).


A few topics in different disciplines are given below; it is just an indicative list to give you an idea as to the different kinds of projects that can be done. You can always make an academic project into a Corporate Project by doing live case studies on companies based on your project topic. For e.g. Effectiveness of Sales Promotion & Advertising in Pidilite. It is always preferable to do a live project to gain a better understanding of the topic.



  • Customer Relationship Management in XYZ company
  • Competition Analysis for IT sector
  • Effectiveness of Sales Promotion & Advertising in Insurance Companies



  • Mergers & Acquisitions in Manufacturing /Banking Industry
  • Future of derivatives in India
  • Study of growth prospects of Mutual Funds in India


Human Resources

  • 360 degree Appraisal at INFOSYS
  • Performance Appraisal Techniques /Methods at XYZ Company
  • Competency Mapping /Model at any organization


Students are free to refer to books/website but must refrain from copying the material Ad-verbatim from source or reference and paste.


The project to be submitted shall consist of sections as specified in table 1.


Table I


Sr. No Item Description
1 Title of the project The project should start with the details of the project title, your name, student number (SAP ID).

1    Select a title which clearly describes the project you will be doing.

2    Use simple words like, A Study of…, An analytical study of…… Comparative study of…….etc.

3    Avoid general titles like, ‘Performance Management’, ‘Branding’ etc. Title should be specific and clear. Remember title generates the interest of the reader, hence meaningful and apt title is important

2 Acknowledgements A brief thank you note to the people who have helped you in the project.
3 Table of contents List of the various topics covered in the project along with the page numbers.
4 Body of the project This would include the detailed report. See Table II for details
5 Annexure This will contain the graphs, charts or any other data you need to attach which serves the purpose of the report



The body of the report will include following:


Table II

Sr. No Item Description
1 Objectives of the project 1 Title should be incongruence with the Objectives 2 There can be one or many objectives.

3      Objectives may be divided in Primary and secondary objectives as per the need / importance /flow of the project.

 4      Be brief and number your objectives (this facilitates giving references whenever necessary).

5   (Writing many objectives to impress or give the page good look is unwarranted) Restrict yourself to those objectives for which you can achieve / get some information

2 Scope of the project Aspects covered in the project
3 Executive Summary It is the most important part of the project. It is a snapshot of the project. It should be ideally in 2-3 pages, It helps the readers to know what the project is all about. It should cover all the findings, conclusions or recommendations.
4 Methodology It is the method used to do the project. Mention how you have selected the sample, data collection Research Methodology:

NGA-SCE provides learning material on research methodology which the student must go through before start working on a project.

To know more about research methodologies he/she can also refer the following books:

a.       Business Research Methods, Donald Cooper, Pamela Schindler

b.      Research Methodology , C.R. Kothari 2 Choose right research tools.

3   Remember that research methodology is of vital importance in your project and carries significant weightage. Hence take it seriously.

4   Literature review is very important & you need to assign considerable time to visit library & websites. Keep the visits and information records updated, they are necessary for giving references. (Strictly avoid copying from books, web etc.)

5 Hypothesis …, test rightfully if you choose to go ahead with it. Tools and data collection process.

5 Data Collection & Analysis 1   For each objective there has to be a supportive data collected, from either primary or secondary or in some cases from both the sources.

2    List out such probable sources for each of the project objective and keep collecting and sorting data

3   Represent the data / analysis clearly and easily understandable language / format. Use correct graphs and charts as applicable

4   Number all tables and graphs. Prepare index and have it in the initial pages.

5    Start collecting data as early as possible than doing it in haste at the end.

6 Findings It is the heart of the project. Mention the major conclusions drawn from the study. Write findings chronologically & in line with the objectives. Give references to primary and secondary data for each finding
7 Suggestions/Recommendation This would be your views/ opinions on the project. You can give comments, but they should be justified and logical. Make recommendations to different stakeholders.

Write suggestions, if any, again give reference for each suggestion. Ensure that you are not suggesting anything which is not studied in the course of project. Ensure all the suggestions are Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time bound

8 Bibliography List of books, magazines, journals, websites etc. referred by you.


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