Topic is Future Trend


Words: 2500-3000


Parle Agro makes its entry into the dairy segment with a premium and high-quality range of flavored milk products, \’SMOODH\’. With disruption inborn in the brand\’s philosophy, SMOODH becomes the only flavored milk beverage in the global market to be available in 85 ml Tetra Packs and priced at only ₹10. Suggest a suitable promotion mix for the new launch.


Speaker has done MS Analytical Chemistry then done MBA specialization in finance and marketing and also done master degree in advertising and he has done second MBA in Massive bank account. His wife is interior designer.


After MBA he started job in career consumer electronic company then in pharmaceutical company from then to advertising industry and his last jobs is in refining company. He has change jobs in 5 years in 5 company. When he is doing MBA his dreams was getting corporate jobs having highest packages.


After doing so many jobs in 5 years he has thought that he has to start an organization by its own. Why business because MBA colleges teach only to be a good managerial they never teach you to how to run a business. In one of the BILL Gates interview he said the meaning of what is the success means to him he share three things which is important that


  1. He has stated right business at a right time.
  2. He have a vision
  3. He put passive action on it


From him we know that we have to first build a vision and then achieve it.


There is having four legal incomes in the world that is employment, self employment, Business, Investors. 95% of the world are self employment in their business. Franchising business in the world is true business owner they build their business become asset for them that is known as business system.


25000 cr. Investor is in reliance fiber optics cable. The most important asset in the world is people.


Once Robert Kisoki said that employment was the product industrial age


Industrial ages started in manufacturing after that inn 60’s or 70’s first few years the manufacturing was 50%v to 60% after that the technology has come.


15% to 20% goes to manufacturing 80% to 85% goes to distribution


So from that in today’s filed distribution is the most popular business and growing business the world


India is the fastest growing country the highest return in investment city is Bangalore, Delhi, and Bombay


Sept 11 ,2000 when the world trade centre crashed the main problem for crash is people employment


Education consumer about a product or services of which the consumer have never feel and servicing


There are two type of distribution in future that is mega mall and DTH (Direct to Home)


And the most future business in industry is food and health care.