Final Interim Assignment Paper Questions and Answers


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University of Cumbria, Organizational Behaviour

Interim Assignment

  1. The interim assessment is designed to introduce you to the topic of the final assessment for this module.  Although the submission of the interim assessment paper is not mandatory, you are encouraged to complete and submit this paper for feedback from your tutor.  This feedback will allow you to better prepare for the final assessment will help you validate your writing skills, plagiarism score, format of the paper, understanding of the materials covered in this course, and referencing.
  2. Submit your completed Interim document through the RKC Online Campus by the end of Unit 3.3.   There is no grade allocated to this paper, your grade will be based 100% on the final assessment paper.
  3. Please note that during the zoom sessions, we will cover any questions you may have about the interim assignment.  Additional details will be posted under the Exam Writing and Referencing forum.


The overall structure should be as follows:


  1. Cover Page (1 page)
  2. Table of Contents/List of Exhibits (1 page)
  3. Abstract
  4. Main Body of Work
  5. List of References


Submissions should be machine readable and in MS-Word only; submit only one file.


Grading will be based on the following breakdown:


– Use of materials covered in the forum                                                10%

– Use of external research                                                                     10%

– Use of a combination of tools for analysis                                           30%

– Critical analysis                                                                                   20%

– Recommendation for change                                                              20%

– Referencing and Editing, Grammar                                                    10%



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