BUS9003 Strategic Planning for Innovation Case study Assessment

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  • Referencing Styles : APA
  • Words: 2000
  • Course Code: BUS9003
  • Course Title: Strategic Planning for Innovation
  • University: Adelaide Institute of Higher Education
  • Country: AU





Overview of the assessment task

This assessment requires the application of strategic planning and innovation concepts to undertake an analysis of a provided case study.


Assessment instructions


For you to be successful in this assessment you must achieve the following objectives:


You must:


1. Demonstrate an understanding of strategic planning and innovation.


2. Display a capacity to analyse and gain an understanding of the provided case study.


3. Demonstrate the application of strategic and critical thinking for the identification of key issues in the case study provided.


4. Undertake assessment of organisational strengths and limitations.


5. Evaluate information in support of the development of a case study papers.


6. Gain global perspectives in the analysis of strategic issues.


Assessment task


In preparing your issue paper, ensure you cover the following:


1. Provide an executive summary.


2. Introduce the organisation, its strategic goals and objectives.


3. Identify and discuss the issues in the case study.


4. Identify strategic influences that impact on the organisation.


5. Identify a strategic course of action for the organisation.


6. Reflect on aspects of strategic management theory and practice.