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BUS3ENT-Entrepreneurship Study Sample and Assignment Answers




Referencing Styles: Harvard  

Course Code: BUS3ENT

Course Title: Entrepreneurship




Part 1

A business Model critical analysis (the chosen existing venture must be set up for no more than eight years, is still operating, and from one of the countries specified in the subject learning guide; the firm should also be in the (same or closest to) targeted industry in which the entrepreneurial venture, which is to be developed in Part 2, is located). (Please make sure you support your analyses/arguments with relevant secondary data/facts and figures, and apply/reflect on relevant (entrepreneurship) theories where possible/relevant).


  1. Brief introduction of the chosen startup venture:
  • What are the major product/service benefits, features and/or experience?
  • Who and where are the business’s targeted customers?
  • What customer wants, needs, problems or fears is the venture trying to address?
  • What makes the business differentiated from current oppositions/competitive offerings in the market?
  1. Critical analyses of the chosen venture’s business model and value propositions.
  2. Has the research discovered any ethical issues that the firm might have to address? (Please also refer to the marking rubric in subject learning guide for more information about these criteria)


Part 2

  1. Introduction (to your proposed Australia-based, brand new, for-profit business venture) (please make sure to a clear introduction of the business idea, make sure that first-time readers can understand your business idea).
  2. Business Model Canvas (of your proposed venture) (please make sure to include a completed Business Model Canvas for your proposed venture at the beginning of this section, and support your analyses/arguments for the below sub-sections with relevant secondary data/facts and figures, and apply/reflect on relevant (entrepreneurship) theories where possible/relevant).a.Customer Segments

    b.Value Proposition

    c.Customer Relationships


    e.Key Activities

    f.Key Resources

    g.Key Partners

    h.Cost Structure

    i.Revenue Structure


  • Financial projections (for your proposed venture)
  • Startup costs: estimation of the start-up costs and equipment/capital costs (see the attached Appendix 1 for the template), and specify the potential sources of finance to cover your startup costs.
  • Project Profit and Loss statement: prepare and include the projected Profit and Loss statement for the first 3 years (see attached Appendix 2 for the template).