BSBPMG633 Provide Leadership for the Program Assessment Answers


Assessment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 4000


Task 2 – Performance and Skills Assessment

In this task, you are required to:

  • Define, present and agree on a program vision for the program
  • Develop a leadership plan
  • Develop a sample of policy to address whistle-blower protection
  • Develop a sample of position description for a project manager in the program
  • Reflect on the learning in this unit in the context of knowledge that would support you as a program manager
  • Address some scenarios in the context of leadership in program management




Organisation’s background

Provide a brief description of your organisation of choice, including the industry in which they operate and the service/product that they offer


Part A – Program vision

You are required to:

  • Define the program vision
  • Present the program vision
  • Gather and apply feedback on the program vision


1. Program vision

Address all the following:

  • Define the program vision
  • Describe how the program vision aligns with the sponsoring organisations mission and values
  • Describe how you, the program team and the sponsoring organisation can demonstrate commitment to the program vision


2. Presentation of the program vision – preparation

Address all the following:

  • Prepare a PPT presentation (max 6 slides) to be delivered to the class about the program vision that you have defined in point 1. The presentation should address:
  • Present the program vision to the class that will play the role of stakeholders in the sponsoring organisation
  • Describe how the vision aligns with the sponsoring organisation mission and values
  • Gather feedback on the vision and negotiate any change. You will have to take note of the feedback received during the presentation regarding the program vision statement.

It is recommended that you entrust a fellow student to take notes for you.

The PP and any supporting documents created to assist with your presentation will have to be submitted as evidence with your final submission. Name the files Evidence 1_Presentation_doc 1, _doc2 etc…


Prepare a feedback form to be distributed to the audience that seek to gain feedback on:

1. The effectiveness of the presentation, in particular the following must be addressed in the feedback:

  • If open discussion was encouraged and facilitated
  • If stakeholders were treated fairly and equitably during the presentation
  • If differences were managed constructively
  • If you displayed effective leadership in the way you held the presentation
  • If you responded clearly to questions


2. The commitment that you, as program manager, displayed in relation to the program vision and, more in general, to the program.

It is advisable that you seek assistance from your trainer and assessor to prepare the feedback form. Note that the feedback form should contain your name, student ID and title of your presentation at the top.


3. Presentation of the program vision -delivery

Schedule a time to present the presentation prepared in Point 2 during week 3 of delivery. The presentation should be about 10 – 15 minutes, to include time for the class (playing the role of stakeholders in the sponsoring organisation) and the trainer and assessor (playing the role of the program sponsor) to provide feedback, ask questions and negotiate the definition of the program vision.


Part B – Leadership Plan

Develop a leadership plan to effectively support the program.


1. Work environment

Develop strategies to build a program work environment of confidence and trust.

Develop strategies to address each one of the following points:

  • Strategies to build an environment where all stakeholders are treated fairly and equitably
  • Strategies to build an environment where open communication and discussion are encouraged and effectively implemented
  • Strategies to manage conflicts and difference of views and opinions in a constructive manner
  • Strategies to timely identify and address issues and concerns


2. Socially responsible practices

Develop strategies to embed socially responsible practice into the program.

Develop strategies to address each one of the following points:

  • Strategies to communicate to program staff in constituent projects and components and relevant stakeholders’ explicit expectations for socially responsible practice
  • Strategies to identify and address effectively threats to socially responsible practice within the program
  • Identify, list and describe policies and procedures to allow individuals to safely report breaches of socially responsible practice without fear of retaliation.


3. Program staff behaviours

Develop strategies to develop the potential of program staff around expected behaviours and roles’ expectations. Develop strategies to address each one of the following points:

  • Strategies to establish individual expectations for constituent project managers
  • Strategies to encourage desirable behaviours and discourage undesirable behaviours
  • Strategies to define, document and communicate agreed individual program roles


4. Learning Environment

Develop strategies to support the program by creating a learning environment.

Develop strategies to address each one of the following points:

  • Strategies to encourage project managers and, more in general, program staff and key stakeholders, to view program planning and program planning implementation as a learning process
  • Strategies to encourage all program staff to treat errors, mistakes and concerns as learning opportunities
  • Strategies to encourage reflection on and review of practice as a basis for learning
  • Strategies to develop and maintain plans for identifying, capturing, disseminating and exchanging knowledge


Part C – Samples

1. Policies and procedures for socially responsible practices

Develop a high-level policy and procedures for individuals to safely report breaches of socially responsible practice within the program, without fear of retaliation


2. Position description for a project manager

Develop a draft of a PD for a project manager in your program.


3. Knowledge management

Identify what knowledge can be collected and shared across the program. Select one item from your list and develop a document to share it (for example: as part of a newsletter, an email to staff, a process to add to a program manual and so forth depending on the type of knowledge that you are considering)


Part D – Personal reflection on leadership

Reflect on your learning in this unit.


1. Reflection

Reflect on your learning in this unit and address all the following in the form of personal planning notes to support your work as program manager:

  • Describe what interpersonal and leadership style you will use in the program based on circumstances
  • Describe how you would honour realistic personal expectations
  • Describe how you would implement program knowledge as planned


Part E – Provide leadership in the program

Address a scenario in the context of leadership in your program.

Scenario: you are 6 months into your program and the following occurs:


1. The program board has received your latest program report and it is concerned that some of the projects are behind schedule with repercussion on the planned benefits realisation plan.


Draft the content of an email directed to the program board, where you reassure them and by reinforcing your commitment to the program vision and by outlining how the vision aligns with the mission and values of the sponsoring organisation, you aim to maintain the support of the board to the program and its vision.


2. Two of your project managers are having strong disagreements on the way resources are shared between their projects. One of the project managers, Tom, is concerned that his project is falling behind and he needs more resources, while the other project manager, James, believes that it is not his problem because Tom could have managed his project more effectively.


Develop some planning notes on how you will address the conflict so that:

  • Each project manager feels that he has been treated fairly and equitably
  • Open discussion between the two project managers is encouraged and the conflict is defused
  • The difference of views, needs and opinions between Tom and James are managed constructively
  • The conflict is attended to in a timely manner
  • The best type of leadership to manage the situation is applied (mention what type of leadership style you will use)
  • You commit to a plan to support both project managers
  • Address individual behaviours expectations for the project managers


3. A project team member comes to see you to let you know that she believes her project manager is wrongly logging invoices into the budget management system and keeping some money for himself.


Describe the following:

  • What policy and procedure will be applied to protect the whistle-blower
  • What steps you will take to address the issue with the project manager
  • Once the situation has been addressed, how you will reinforce the expectations you have about budget management within the program


4. The communication officer in your program team, prepares a newsletter to be sent out to pertinent stakeholders about the program. However, she fails to check it and the newsletter goes out with many mistakes.


Address the following:

  • Describe how you will address the situation (newsletter with errors)
  • Describe how you will deal with the communication officer so that this mistake is treated as a learning opportunity and she reflects and review her work practice as a basis for learning
  • Describe how you will word your expectation of standard of work when speaking with the communication officer


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