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Case Study


Jasper is a new manager at an outlet that is selling new cars and having follow up service with customer support. As this industry involves competition, it is imperative for jasper grabs every chance and improves the performance of his team members in the services they render.


The business comprised of different areas that are discussed below:


A. Sales of new cars


B. Department of finance


C. After sales services (including purchase of part and materials such as oils, cleaning, materials etc).


D. Department of service


E. Department of purchase (including purchase of parts and materials such as oils cleaning and materials etc).


Jasper began to include a variety of actions in his planning process to handle it with the cooperation of his team members in order to recognize the areas where improvement is required.


Such activities consist of surveys; follow up services like calls and analyzing sales data. Improvements after those activities include:


A. To provide better financing rates


B. Contacting more suppliers to purchase part and materials


C. Introducing change in the approach of sales people towards selling techniques


D. Introducing a unique service called collect and returns service for business people and business cars


E. Introducing a free shuttle bus to connect with the nearby shopping centre and pick up facility for people who bring their own cars for service.


All the improvements should be well communicated to the team and proper documentation for future planning.


Jasper feels that there is a need of organized system for documenting the work performance and recording the information regularly to facilitate continuous improvements.


  1. Suggest what different strategies jasper could use to examine growth in business operations and analyze in which area it can facilitate continuous improvements.


  1. Out of various improvements choose one and make a communicative strategy to intimate the team members about the improvements to be executed. Incorporate as much as possible suited options, which you find necessary. Use your creative thinking skills to come up with more motivating ways to make your team aware about the end result of the research.


  1. Briefly write about what you would include using the improvement, you have chosen in your question 2.


A. Business plan of the company


B. Operational plan of the team


C. Work plan of the each team member.


  1. To facilitate continuous improvements in future, what monitoring systems should jasper use?


A. Regular and prosper documentation of work performance.


B. Prosper report of successes, challenges and opportunities.


C. Documentation of information that will contribute to facilitate continuous improvements. All such performance variables should be included, which are evaluated in every system or process.


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