Zachistan Case Study on Arvophillia Candidate Instructions


Words – 3500


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Dear Candidate:


This exercise consists of a case study of two treatment options for a disease called Arvophillia and  introduction  of  the  newer  treatment  option  in  a  country  called  Zachistan. Arvophillia, Zachistan and any other names used in the case are fictitious. No outside sources or research is required (or need to be used). If necessary, make assumptions and please report them distinctly.


Time Constraints: 


You have 48 hours to return this case exercise to us and we recommend you spend 3 hours actively working on it. On average people allocate their time in following way across each section:


  • Reading case study & collating information: 30 minutes
  • Quantitative analysis: 90 minutes
  • Presentation: 30 minutes
  • Memo: 30 minutes


Result Components:


Based on the details provided in the case study, kindly provide:


  1. A Quantitative Analysis of the two treatments to estimate cost per life saved in Zachistan using the new treatment option; please show all your calculations, assumptions and outcomes clearly using Microsoft Excel; cost per life saved is defined as:


Δ $s/ Δ Lives


Δ $s : Additional dollars spent using clairadol instead of huffstatin

Δ Lives: Additional lives saved using clairadol instead of using huffstatin


The following calculations need to be performed to arrive at the final number:

  • Number of cases of severe arvophillia (in each age category)
  • Cost of drugs and other consumables (under each treatment protocol)
  • Total number of lives saved

This exercise is confidential and proprietary. Please do not share with others.


  • Extra cost per additional life saved


  1. A PowerPoint Presentation from CHAI aimed at the Ministry of Health, Zachistan, making a case for a new treatment policy for arvophillia. Use the case study as well as outcomes from the quantitative analysis to make a strong argument; kindly keep the number of slides to no more than 5. The following can be used as the broad themes for each slide:
    • Articulation of the problem within the context of Republic of Zachistan: 1 slide
    • Key background for the new treatment protocol: 1 – 2 slides
    • Comparative analysis of the treatment protocols and final recommendation: 1 – 2 slides
    • Next steps to be followed: 1 slide


  1. A One-Page Memofrom CHAI to the Ministry of Health, Zachistan, summarizing clearly the case for the new treatment policy. The following points need to be addressed in the memo:
    • The challenge: Disease profile in the country, current treatment protocol and the drawbacks thereof
    • The solution: Key facts about the new treatment protocol
    • Justification: Persuasive arguments for updating the current treatment guidelines


Format for Final Results:


Your final result should have three components:


  1. An Excel Spreadsheet that clearly shows your work.
  2. A PowerPoint Deck
  3. A Memo. On a separate page at the end of your memo, please share a breakdown of the amount of time spent on each component. Example:


Time to Complete Each Section:


  • Reading case study & collating information: 30 minutes
  • Quantitative analysis: 75 minutes
  • Presentation: 45 minutes
  • Memo: 30 minutes


This case needs to be solved using the information and data provided.



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