BFA601 Australian Business and Corporate Law – Case Study


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: BFA601
  • Course Title: Business and Corporate Law
  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Words: 2750
  • University: University of Tasmania
  • Country: AU




Research and explain Australian business and corporate law and critique its application.

Apply the law to complex authentic legal situations.

Seek and reflect on feedback to improve learnings.

Present advice both in oral and written forms in respect to authentic business and corporate law case studies.

This part of the case study consists of answering the following questions and keeping a detailed record of the study that you undertake in the unit, specifically to prepare for and complete Part 1.


The Questions


  1. What study techniques did you use each week in BFA601 to understand what was required and to the understand the content and to prepare and submit Part 1 of the Case Study and Reflection Assessment task? Here you are encouraged to keep a weekly diary or log of time spent undertaking all study techniques that you engaged in such as:
  • Watching the weekly lectures
  • Reading the weekly topic material modules as set out on MyLO
  • Reading the textbook
  • Reading other commercial law, business or corporate law textbooks or academic articles
  • Using web resources including etc.


  1. How did you learn to undertake legal problem solving and to use the PIRAC method of setting out answers to legal problems?


  1. How did you decide the way that you would present your four case study answers and present it as a report for the Bat group of businesses and associated family members?


  1. What do you believe you could have done to make your submission better? (To be completed on the day of submitting your Part 1)


This part of the case study consists of a reflection of the feedback provided by the unit coordinator /tutor on the answers to your Part 1 and Part 2 components of the Case Study and Reflection Assessment Task. More detail of what you should include in this part of the case study will be provided in week 8 of the semester.