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Learning Outcomes


LO LO Description AC AC Description
1 Be able to develop research approaches in a business and economics context. 1.1 Appraise business research problems.
1.2 Develop and justify appropriate research aims and objectives within a defined scope and timeframe.
2 Be able to critically review literature on a business research topic. 2.1 Critically explore, select and justify research approaches.
2.2 Critically analyse different theoretical approaches to a research problem.
3 Be able to design business research methodologies. 3.1 Create a structured and thorough critical literature review.
3.2 Critically evaluate relevant research methodologies to reflect the research objectives.
3.3 Design an appropriate methodology in terms of the research objectives for a defined population.
4 Be able to develop and present a research proposal. 4.1 Justify the methodology selected in terms of the research objectives within agreed ethical guidelines.
4.2 Create a research question, literature review and methodology.
4.3 Propose techniques for use with quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis.




There is no scenario for this assignment. Instead, you must propose an independent, small scale research project about an area of interest to you within a business context. Ideally, the research proposal should deal with an opportunity or a problem at the organisation where you are currently employed. You should select a manageable area within a subject area related to your business studies. (e.g. Finance, HR, Project Management, CSR, etc.)


Task 1 of 1 – Research Project Proposal (All LOs)




In this task, you will need to produce a research project proposal in which you:


1. Introduction

    1. Introduce the business problem or opportunity with supporting data and trends.
    2. Clearly explain the background to the business problem or opportunity, and justify the reasons for, and the value of, the research to your employer and the wider academic community.
    3. Outline the research project’s aims and objectives.
    4. State the limitations and scope of the proposed research.


2. Literature Review

    1. Critically review key literature and recent academic publications around the subject area discussing key definitions, current theoretical frameworks, and research carried out in similar business areas.
    2. Develop a conceptual and theoretical framework for the research from the literature review explaining how and why it supports and informs your approach the research process.


3. Research Methodology

    1. Explain and justify your research approach and strategy.
    2. Data collection:
      • Discuss data collection methods.
      • Select the instrument, design it and justify an appropriate method with an outline of a pre-test/pilot to be included as an appendix.
      • Clearly outline the administration of the data collection process.
    3. Population and Sampling: Define the research population, sampling strategy and clarify access to respondent issues.
    4. Data Analysis: Describe and justify how you propose to analyse and report the results and findings of your research with a discussion about reliability and validity and the management of error.


4. Statement of Ethics

    1. Discuss access to respondent issues, permissions from organisation to conduct research, confidentiality, rights of withdrawal, consent, management of data security etc.


5. Timeline

    1. Develop a plan using GANTT Chart from start to completion of the the research.


Delivery and Submission

  • A completed research proposal (circa 2500 words excluding relevant appendices) with an extended bibliography of at least twenty academic, journal and industry sources to be included at the end of the work.



  • Each section must reflect any supporting Harvard style citations.
  • A comprehensive Harvard style bibliography (not a reference list)


Evidence to be submitted: 2500-word research proposal.