ACC303 Assessment Task on Communication Research Practices

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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: Acc303
  • Course Title: Communication Research Practices
  • Words: 2750



This assessment is designed to reinforce the subject content and develop students’ skills and application of knowledge of the subject content to business situations.


This assignment covers the application of contemporary theoretical accounting concepts and accounting theories on various organizational issues or contexts identified related to a corporation of your choice


Task Details:

To complete this assignment task, you need to choose a company from the ASX listed in Top100 and critically analyze the application of Accounting Theories and concepts discussed in the class (You must seek approval from your tutors to finalize your company selection – On your request, your tutors may allow you to work on any other different company not included in the ASX Top 100).


In your analysis you need to demonstrate strong understanding of accounting theories and theoretical concepts by applying them onto the current circumstances, initiatives, and issues of your chosen company. Students are required to prepare a comprehensive report directed at their chosen company detailing a critical analysis of the application of accounting theories and effectiveness of the company to meet its obligation of conceptual framework of accounting.


Students will be expected to apply the accounting theories, concepts, and models to given situations, analyzing the issues, identifying problems, and developing supported solutions or/and recommendations.


Weekly topics which you can use to support your analysis include the following:


– Contemporary Issues in Accounting & Accounting Theory

– Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting & Standard Setting

– Theories in Accounting – Normative and Positive Accounting Theories

– Capital Markets Research and its implications for Accounting

– Earnings Management & Quality Presentation