ENGL112 Assessment Task on English Communication

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While evaluating myself as active listener, I think I’m a great and active listen who has an extra ordinary talent of recalling and evaluating things. Recalling is an important part of the listening process which can be used for active listening abilities and also effectiveness (Moore 2020). On the other hand, evaluating is an important element of the listening process because it entails the verbal and non-verbal message which indicates the attractiveness and also understanding of the subject. Additionally, I believe that I have a good skill of paraphrasing where I can explain people what I have listened and make them clearly understand. When I do paraphrasing, I can make anyone understand about the topic in a good and way better (Weger 2018).


While being an active listener, I have become a contextual listener which is the most important quality that needs to be considered while listening (Moore 2020). In relationship context, listening plays an important role which is required for self-disclosure and also maintaining a good relationship. However, furthermore while understanding some of the bad listening skills that may occur, I understand that under pressure I have often followed the features of aggressive listening. In aggressive listening, a person usually runs to critic the idea of others or personality without giving it a thought (Weger 2018). I have often being an aggressive listener while working in pressure which has often led to build up frustration among the relationship.


However I believe that I should also focus on improving my listening skill and prevent being a aggressive listen at the times. While doing so, I would focus on improving my skills at the receiving stage. I should work on plan which helps to discern between the intentional message and also noise. Additionally I will also work out on concentrating on the stimuli which is the most important part in the listening process. One important strategy I will follow while trying to focus on my listening skill is that I would pay attention to my turn taking signal which can help to follow conversational flow (Moore 2020).


Additionally, I would also focus on becoming a good and empathetic listener in which a person develops skills to respect other’s dignity. Currently, I have realized that I have a less of these skills of becoming a empathic listening but I would surely seek to become this. To practice empathic listening skill, it is important to support each other’s experience and temporarily set down our own needs and focuses (Weger 2018).




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