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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Course Code: 3019MKT
  • Course Title: Franchising and Small Businesses
  • Words: 1200*
  • University: Griffith University
  • Country: AU


Your 62-year old Uncle Xavier has retired as Financial Controller of a public listed restaurant chain. He wants a better work/life balance and is considering buying a franchise or buy an existing or set a new independent business. He likes the fast-food industry and wants to operate a gourmet pizza shop. Uncle Xavier is unsure which option suits him best. As Uncle Xavier knows you have excelled at in this course, he has asked you to explain what Due Diligence investigation he should do to make a sound decision. You are required to prepare a short presentation (maximum 15 mins) explaining the specific steps Uncle Xavier should undertake in his Due Diligence. The presentation must give practical and specific advice for Uncle Xavier as to what to investigate with each business option. You are free to make up other information about your uncle and the business to assist your advice ie. net worth, risk appetite, location, set-up costs etc. STRUCTURE Introduction of the Presentation What is Due Diligence? Introduction and expectations of operating a small business. Talk about a possible production option in this section. Why going into a business? The advantages/ disadvantages of operating a small business. Opportunities and  Market Research

(PESTLE, SWOT) The risks of a career in entrepreneurship (Financial risks, Career risks, Social risks, and health risks) Options for going into business. Talk about the pros and cons of each of the options. You can also link the earlier section such as Market Research with this section (Starting a new business, purchasing an existing business, and Entering a franchise system). Make a decision and more justifications on the business option that you would like to suggest. Any Legal issues to consider? Financing options and Financial information Summary of the Presentation