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Referencing Styles: Harvard

Pages: 151

Course Code: HR1007


Suppose You are required to discuss and evaluate your individual contribution and development during the completion of the project. If you did not contribute to the project, you could still reflect on this.

To help you complete this reflection, you should ensure that you meet each assessment criteria. You must review the feedback from your first assessment. Based on this feedback from the initial evaluation rework the Sway presentation, ensuring that you include the missing information and/or rectify incorrect information.

The assessment should be completed using Microsoft Sway, and you should arrange a tutorial your as soon as possible.


Assessment Criteria:


1. An analysis of your own skillset and development, using supporting examples from a range of sources.

To achieve this, you should reflect on your skillset at the beginning of semester one and how this supported the completion of the project. E.g. refer to learning mats and class activities, what skills did you bring to the university?

to achieve this, you should reflect on your development needs identified at the beginning of semester 1 and how these were improved during the project. E.g. SWOT analysis of your skills and highlight the areas for development. What skills did you need to use more?


2.A reflection on working with others as well as working on your own.

to achieve this, you should reflect on your individual contribution to the project and what you have learned. If you did not contribute to the project you can still reflect on this, you should reflect on what stopped you contributing. E.g. Be honest, reflect on your contribution/lack of contribution to the project. Did you do the work you said you would? How well did you communicate with others in the team? Link this to an online skills test visit CareerEdge.


3.Timeline analysis of working within a group and with a client; highlighting challenges and successes.

to achieves this, you should reflect on working as part of a collaborative team as well as working with an external client. E.g. What questions did you have following the brief with the external client? Did you attend the briefing? Reflect on your behaviour and commitment to the project team, highlight what worked well and what you need to develop for future project/group work. How well did you use MS Teams as a group? What would you do differently?


4.A discussion of overall employability skills required with reference to your own development.

to achieves this, you should reflect on how this project has contributed towards your overall employability skills. What has it enhanced? E.g. look at the university employability skills and try to match areas that you have developed over this year.


5.An impactful presentation using MS Sway supported by appropriate referencing.

to achieve this, you should revisit the recorded workshop on using MS Sway


Assessment Submission Details:


The work will be submitted to Turnitin no later than 7 August 2020 23:59hours.

Please use the correct Word document template and copy and paste the link from your Sway into the document, before uploading to Turnitin.

If you cannot reach this deadline, it is important that you apply for an extension or extenuating circumstances (subject to meeting the criteria)


Assessment Support Details:


You can book an appointment meet with your tutor; you must allow plenty of time to do this. Please contact us via email, Starfish or MS Teams.



WISER Blackboard section is designed to support you out of hours and when you are studying on campus. It includes explanations, slideshows, worksheets and useful links, with tailor-made sections for undergraduate learning.

From your Blackboard address page, click on the ‘My Courses’ tab at the top of the page. You then self-enrol from the ‘Organisations directory’. In the ‘Academic Support’ folder, you will see ‘WISER study skills support’. Click on the grey button at the end (not the link itself), click ‘Enrol’ and then finally click ‘Submit’. Once you have added WISER Blackboard, you can then access it through the ‘My Blackboard Organisations’ box.


Academic Coaching


You can arrange to meet with an academic coach to help support the completion of the reassessment. Academic coaches work with you to create strategies for completing work.


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