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Marketing is an extensive subject of study with many topics and subtopics. In simple terms, marketing is related to the activity an organization does for promotions of their product or service. Students enrolled in marketing programs in Australia have to be aware of all marketing segments as a subject, like strategies, plans, and very productive marketing mixes. 4 P’s of marketing is a part of marketing mixes- Product, Price, Place and Promotion.




Marketing is not only about the promotion of a product done by any company, but it is also about designing, making a logo, making a catchy slogan, etc. The students have to do all this in their marketing assignments. And when it comes to understand and write about the 4 P’s of marketing, students get confused, and they often look for 4 P’s of marketing assignment help services.


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Students need to understand the purpose of marketing, for which any organization needs to come up with effective marketing strategies, plans and very productive marketing mixes.




What Are The 4 P’s Of Marketing?


The 4 P’s of marketing is the key factors that are involved in the marketing of a good or service. They are concerned with products or services.



It is a good or service that a company offers to customers to fulfill existing consumer demand.



The cost any customers has to pay for the product and the marketers must tie the price to its real and apparent value.



They takes decisions regarding place, determining where they should sell a product and how to deliver the product to the market.



It includes marketing, promotional strategy and public relations to endorse the product to make customers know why they need it.


The four P’s of marketing mixes are constrained by internal and external factors in the inclusive business environment, and they cooperate significantly one another.


Companies Use The 4 P’s To Identify Some Key Factors For Their Business, Including:

  • What do customers want from them?
  • How does their product or service meets or fails to manage those demands?
  • How is their product or service observed in the market?
  • How do they stand out from their competitors?
  • How do they interact with their customers?

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How To Manage 4 P’s Marketing Assignments Well?


When students are given 4 P’s marketing assignments, then they have to think like a marketer and do a lot of research for marketing plans and strategies with marketing mixes to explain the scenario give and get a perfect resolution. They can use the model of the 4 P’s as a business owner planning a new business venture, assessing an existing offer, or trying to boost the sales with the target audience, whichever the Australia University professors give the scenario.


4 P’s of marketing can also be used to test the present marketing strategy of any product they are researching and writing an assignment for.


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