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Harvard University is amongst the most prestigious universities in the world. Every year it receives around 30,000 applicants, and less than 5,000 are accepted. Many applicants get rejected because of a poorly written statement of intent. Therefore, they keep searching for “How to write Harvard supplemental essays?”.


How to Write Harvard Supplemental Essay


Although writing the Harvard supplemental essays is optional, it’s a great way to strengthen your application. It provides an additional chance to describe your character and show your academic prowess and interest.


Harvard is renowned for being selective, with a 3.4% admission rate this past year. Chances of your acceptance will, however, increase if your writings are excellent. Continue reading to see sample Harvard essays and get Harvard supplemental essay writing Help for the supplementary essays. This blog will provide help on how to write the most effective essay.


What is the Purpose of Harvard Supplemental Essays?


The Harvard supplemental essays allow applicants to share more about themselves and their interests. However, the difference between a supplemental essay vs personal statement is significant. The essays provide a way for students to expand on their activities and accomplishments and to discuss how they intend to add value to the Harvard community.


They allow the students to share their personal and academic experiences and reflect on what they have learned. The essays are a part of the application process that will enable applicants to stand out from the crowd of the applicant pool. 


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Tips to Write a Harvard Supplemental Essay in 3 Steps


There is no right way to craft the Harvard supplemental essays. However, some general tips can give you Essay Assignment Help to get started.


Prompt #1 Write About Yourself & Your Goal


Don’t mention anything from your actual application again in your response to this question. Keep in mind that supplemental college essays aren’t just about success. However, along with the Harvard supplement essay, get Assignment Help Australia.


Choose the key elements of this employment or extracurricular activity that best exhibit your noble trait since you only have 150 words to answer these questions. For example:


  • Leadership Qualities
  • Teamwork 
  • Willpower


It would aid if you remembered that more than the experience, this is about you as a person. You can also take help from supplemental essay examples.


Prompt #2 Integrate Your Knowledge


There is also a 150-word restriction for this question. It is wise to avoid writing about things covered in the application.


If you haven’t previously said it, let’s assume you completed an online summer course teaching computer science fundamentals. The second prompt is a fantastic spot to integrate that knowledge! It is what Harvard wants, like Princeton supplemental essays and Yale supplemental essays.


Imagine you enjoyed the course. Beyond that first impression, consider the following issues:


  • What made you love it?
  • What sparked your interest in it, and what soft skills did you pick up along the way?


It’s also OK if you detested the course and have no interest in learning computer science ever again. Once more, ponder the following issues:


  • Why did you experience that?
  • What challenges did you face, and how did you get beyond them?


Harvard wants to see your interest in intellectual pursuits outside the classroom. Therefore, listing many hobbies rather than focusing more closely on one is not a terrible idea (though including one or two details will be the best method of demonstrating how the experience shaped your character). You can mention:


  • Initiatives for research outside of school
  • Individual intellectual endeavours
  • Any other significant work you’ve undertaken, either individually or professionally


Taking the initiative is the topic of this prompt. Of course, you did well in your high school curriculum, but what else did you do to keep your mind active?


Prompt #3: Choose a Topic


There are ten different prompts available, or you may select your own. However, if you have something unique to share, try to avoid choosing these topics. If you pick your own prompt, you could carry more burden than necessary given the difficulty level of the Harvard application. Instead of following your urge to say something, respond to the one that most resonates with you, Harvard says.


Let’s now discuss advice for each of the Harvard additional essay formats provided by Harvard for this final Harvard admissions essay. You can also search for MBA Essay Writing Help for the future.


  • Unusual Life Circumstances
  • Experiences travelling, residing or working in your own or other community
  • What information about you would you like your potential college roommate to know?
  • A learning experience
  • Your Plans for Using Your College Education
  • Book List From the Past 12 Months 
  • What Kind of Changes Would You Make in the Lives of Your Classmates?
  • What Would You Do if You Postponed or Abandoned College?
  • Particular Elements of Your Past, Personal Growth, or Intellectual Interests


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How Long Should the Supplemental Essay for Harvard be?


Harvard’s supplemental essay is a very vital piece of your application. It’s your chance to show the admissions committee who you are, why you’re applying to Harvard, and what you have to offer. So how long should the Harvard supplemental essay be?


There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the length of your essay will depend on several factors, including the prompt you’re given and the story you want to tell. So, a good guideline is to aim for 500 words or so. 

This should give you enough room to introduce yourself, describe your background, and discuss why Harvard is a good fit.


Of course, it’s also essential to ensure that your essay is well-written and engaging, so don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Go for it if you can say everything you need in fewer than 500 words. The admissions committee always seek essays that are clear, concise, and to the point.


So there you have it: aim for a word count of 500 or less for the Harvard supplemental essay. 

However, telling a compelling story that exemplifies your distinct strengths and qualities ultimately takes priority.