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Are you looking for some fantastic social and financial benefits as a skilled engineer? Then migration to Australia should be the next step to follow. However, succeeding in getting a positive assessment by Engineers Australia is not as simple as it seems. A highly professional and skilfully written CDR report for EA skills assessment is required.



What is EA Engineers Australia?


The Engineers Australia (EA) is the evaluating authority for skilled immigration applications. This authority prescribes specific guidelines to prepare and write the CDR report. As far as the essential components of a succeeding CDR report are concerned, these are Summary Statement, Three Career Episodes, and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) list.


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The Engineers Australia Skills Assessment Requirements Are Being Discussed Below


Writing Career Episode


Each career episode has to maintain a word limit of 1500-2500 words. The career episode needs to emphasize and concentrate on the explanation of technical skills, responsibilities and personal roles in any project so that your details of engineering expertise and skills are visible from it. Use only clear language, and tense with simple sentence structure, without using jargons and to the point rather than unimportant elaboration or repetition of similar statements. The CE should be written using the first-person narrative.


Writing Summary Statement


It should also be written in the first-person narrative, just like the career episode. Every single competency element explained in the format must be addressed. Furthermore, the summary statement should exceed the limit of 900 words. But avoid copying all the stories word to word from career episodes.  It would be better if you only choose a few sentences from it, and the rest of the things described concisely.


Writing CPD


For enlisting the professional development-oriented activities, use the table format. All your regular activities, such as education, work experience, training, internship, certifications, must be involved in a linear sequence based on the date the activities. Some informal activities, like short courses and online training, can also be included. But it should not exceed one page.


Giving Personal Information


  • Passport Style Photo:

Your recent passport size photograph is required with clear visibility of your face.

  • Prime ID:

Provide current passport bio-data page or national identity card.

  • Name change documentation:

In case you have been using a name that has been changed over the course showing different terms in academic documents and other documents, you must provide the name change document.

  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume:

The Resume/ CV is a fully compiled form of your education on Engineering level, along with the work experience you gained up to date. You should present a resume consisting of the activities that you have followed up in your career along with mentioning of inactive periods as well. Bear in mind that the CV requires a chronological listing of the work you have done rather than the schemes you were involved in. Avoid using more than three A4 pages for discussing the activities in the CV.


Language Competency (English)


English language test (IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE) are required to be cleared. You must present the test result as proof of English language competency.


ANZSCO Standard Codes for Engineers


Professional Engineer Category (Skill Level 1)

  • Aeronautical Engineer – (233911)
  • Aeronautical Engineer – (233911) 
  • Agricultural Engineer – (233911)  
  • Biomedical Engineer – (233913)  
  • Civil Engineer – (233211)  
  • Chemical Engineer – (233111)
  • Electronics Engineers – (233411)  
  • Electrical Engineer – (233311)  
  • Environmental Engineer – (233915)

Engineering Technologist Category (Skill Level 1)

  • Engineering Technologist – (233914) 

 Engineering Associate Category (Skill Level 2)

  • Civil Engineering Draftsperson – (312211)  
  • Electrical Engineering Draftsperson – (312311) 
  • Electronics Engineering Draftsperson – (312411)  
  • Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson – (312511)
  • Telecommunication Field Engineer – (313212)
  • Telecommunications Network Planner – (313213)
  • Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist – (313214)
  • Building & Engineering Technicians nec – (312999)

 Managers and Administrators Category (Skill Level 1)

  • Engineering Manager – (133211)



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