Editing is the last but most essential part of the writing process. However, not all learners or writers can afford help from professional editors. It is because this expenditure can lead to a hole in their pocket. As a result, they seek self-editing tips.


Self-editing sounds good but in reality, it is cumbersome for writers to read their whole content and rectify it. While self-editing, they face several problems such as, they forget to change passive into active voice, and many more. However, if hiring an editor is not on your list, you need to work on: “how to edit writing professionally”.


To give the professional touch to your solution, you have to think like a professional and must know the importance of self-editing. Without editing, your solution is incomplete and be full of errors. As a result, you are not ready to fetch the desired score in your work.




Do not worry about editing because in this blog we will explicate the best and effective self-editing tips. By implementing all these tips, you can easily transform your ordinary paper into a great solution. What is better than it?

Are you ready to become a professional editor? Here comes your answer: “How to edit writing professionally”?

Stay Tuned with Us to Know 10 Effective Tips On “How To Self Edit Your Writing?”


1. Take the Print of Your Writing 

Keep the one thing in your mind that, you will find more mistakes of the hard copy rather than a soft copy of any document. The foremost step you need to consider is printing your document. Reading the words on the printed page can be fruitful in finding sentence formation mistakes, spelling errors, and many more. 


Once you find the mistakes, rectify them in your laptop document. You can highlight your mistakes and further correct them in the soft copy. Moreover, to explore your editing knowledge, you can observe the Editing writing examples.


2. Read Aloud 

Read all of your written lines loudly. But it does not mean you have to scream. By reading the content, you can easily find awkward sentences, repetitive phrases, and structure. While reading aloud, you come to know about an unclear point. Further, you can clear it and create the Self-editing PDF.


3. Rectify the Uncertain Language 

Undoubtedly, good communication leads to authoritative content. Hence, what you necessitate to do is find out the wish-washy sentence from your solution and remove it. It is recommendable that do not use the words like” it can be the reason of”, “it seems to be” etc. So, add this point in your notes of “how to edit your own writing”? 


4. Break Down the Long Sentence 

To large extent, run-on sentences ruin the quality of your solution. After reading the long sentence, the reader loses interest in your writing. So, cutting down the long sentences is one of the 4 things that you will look for while editing your writing. In other words, try to give a new sentence to each idea.


5. Avoid the Excessive Use of Adverbs

Add this point to the self-editing checklist to make the writing professional. The excessive use of adverbs can weaken your writing quality. The reason is that these words do not make your content professional. Now, you need to avoid the words like “quickly”, “slowly”, and many more. Try to add vocabulary to your content.


6. Hold on One Voice

It is one of the most essential things among the 4 things that you will look for while editing your writing. In some cases, it is required to use first and second person, but it can put an impact on your writing.


In one sentence, you are using “I”, while in the other sentence, you are using “you”. Do not you find it a little bit awkward? So, you need to focus on one voice to maintain the interest of readers. If you are considering Self-editing psychology, focus on this point.


7. Remove the Overused Punctuation

If you research about: “How to edit your own writing”, pay attention to this point too. The use of a powerful hyphen can either enhance your writing quality or ruin it. It is ok to use different kinds of punctuation like- parentheses, ellipse, and so on. 


Think about does it make sense? Make sure that you know the usage of punctuation. Due to it, you can edit it properly. If you are doing self-editing for fiction writer, you must carefully check the punctuation. 


8. Replace the Negative Sentence with Positive 

Do not forget to consider this point in the self-editing checklist. There is no need to add a negative sentence to your solution. If you find any negative sentence in the content, try to replace it with a positive. For instance: if you write the sentence:

“You do not need to do these sorts of mistakes” 

Replace it in the self-editing PDF by:

“Try to avoid these kinds of mistakes”


You Can Check Out More Samples & PDF: Free Assignment Samples


9. Try to Avoid the Words like “Very”

To give a professional touch to your solution, edit the word “very” from your content. Instead of writing the “very beautiful”, you should use the word “gorgeous”, “alluring”. When the internet is flooded with vocabulary or synonyms, why to use these typical words? 


Your “my writing editing checklist” is incomplete without this point. So, highlight the word “very” and replace it with formal words. 


10. Avoid “currently” 

Another factor you have to mention in “my writing editing checklist” is: “say no to currently”. The pro editing tip is: currently leads to redundancy. You have plenty of options that you can consider “at that moment”. 

If you are still finding editing a confusing task, you need to take professional editing help.


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