WHS Consultation Assessment Questions and Answers

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Assessment Task 4 – WHS Consultation


Section 1: Short answer questions


1. Identify two internal and external sources of WHS information you will need to review to identify consultation requirements. State where you will access these resources from.

2. Review the consultation code of practice for your state.  Identify three ways you can provide workers with reasonable opportunities to express their views.

3. In your own words, explain the importance of consultation in the workplace.

4. In your own words, describe what effective consultation looks like.

5. Outline the ways you can consult workers and the considerations you should make when deciding the best way to consult with them.

6. Review the section of your states WHS regulations that outlines the Hierarchy of control measures. Explain what component of the hierarchy of control measures can assist with implementing and maintaining WHS consultation and participation processes.


Section 2: Prepare to consult on WHS matters



This task requires you to review and respond to the following scenario. If you are not familiar with some of the terms used in this scenario, please refer to the glossary of terms on the e-Learning portal.



As the safety advisor for AWC, you are required to assist in auditing the WHS data for the organisation and suggest improvements where required. You discover there is a significant number of workers who have had time off due to manual handling injuries. This is due to the type of work undertaken by AWC (lifting heavy loads, holding sustained awkward postures, carrying out repetitive tasks, etc.).


You inform the CEO of the historical data and rehabilitation costs associated with manual handling related injuries. The CEO asks you to implement a new procedure regarding Occupational Therapy (OT) services with the aim that this and further training will help minimise injuries and costs. This procedure will form part of the existing Rehabilitation and Return to Work Policy.


You and the state WHS manager have identified two options for accessing the OT service. As this is a change in the Workplace Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) and possibly the working arrangements, you must first consult with the workforce to determine the best option for them. The options are:

  1. During work hours – up to a maximum of 30 mins/day and up to twice per week


  1. Outside of work hours – up to a maximum of 45 mins/day and up to three times per week


As there are several work groups within AWC who require consultation, the state WHS manager informs you that the consultation must take place during the work groups toolbox talk.


During this toolbox talk, you will need to inform the work group of:

  • The purpose of the meeting
  • The WHS obligations regarding consultation and minimising risks for the workers, PCBU and safety advisor (you)
  • The risks associated with manual handling tasks and how to access the manual handling code of practice and/or regulatory guidance material and why it’s important to report injuries and identified hazards
  • The rehabilitation policy and how having access to OT services as part of this policy will be valuable to them, their family, and the workplace

The proposed OT service access options that have been approved. Ask individuals what option they like best. Note it must be a choice of either A or B (not both)

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Section 3: Facilitate the Toolbox Talk (role play)



Now that you have determined the key information to provide when meeting with your allocated work group, it is time to meet with your work group and deliver this information.


At the end of the meeting you must:

  • Ask all attendees sign onto the Toolbox Record of Consultation Form (you may do this electronically)
  • Document comments and feedback supplied from the attendees in the relevant field in this form


Section 4: Implement improvements to WHS consultation procedures



Next, you are required to report on the outcome of your consultation by drafting an email to the WHS manager on the outcome of your consultation. Your manger has asked that you specify the option your workgroup chose for accessing OT services and any feedback provided during your toolbox talk.


In your email outline:

  • Barriers (identified either by yourself as the safety advisor, or barriers raised by the attendees) of the consultation process and how these barriers could be removed to improve the consultation process
  • Training that you (the safety advisor), the management team or other workers could undertake to improve or refine their WHS consultation skills
  • The OT option selected by the work team and their thoughts/barriers on this