Which is a frame shift mutation?


a.) Substitution

b.) Deletion

c.) Nonsense

d.) Silent

Answer: – b.) Deletion



-Mutations refer to the impulsive sudden change that happens randomly in the hereditary make up of an organism.

-Frame shift mutation refers to the kind of mutation that consequence from adding or removal of a base pair or base pairs in the DNA molecule of a gene. This kind of mutation is produced by insertions or deletions of nucleotides or base pairs that are not detachable by three.

-Insertions include insertion of one or more further nucleotides in a chain of DNA. While deletions involve deleting or elimination of nucleotides from DNA chain.

A frame shift mutation refers to the hereditary mutation resulted by a deletion or insertion in a DNA classification that shifts the way the classification is read. A DNA sequence refers to the chain of many smaller molecules termed nucleotides.

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