Tour2101 Introduction: The Global Tourism System


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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: TOUR2101
  • Course Title: Key Markets and Distribution Channels
  • Referencing Styles: Not Selected
  • Words: 2250
  • University: Acsenda School of Management
  • Country: CA


Assessment Task:-


Discussion Posts contribute significantly to individual and collective learning in this course. To support this learning, your responses to discussions are important to enhance your learning. For this discussion, you will be submitting MULTIPLE POSTS. YOUR RESPONSE: This refers to your response to the actual discussion question posted by your instructor. Your response must illustrate insight and be communicated in a reflective manner. Once you have completed your post, you will then be required to respond to two of your peers (see below).


Note: You will need to post your response first before being able to view peer posts. RESPOND TO TWO PEERS Read through the postings and choose two of your peers to respond to. As you reflect on how your peers responded, analyse what they shared and identify connections/ similarities/ differences between their analysis and yours. Be sure to contribute your own insights having read their posts. Responses must illustrate insight and be communicated in a reflective manner.


  1. Thinking back to the first discussion and the reasons behind some destinations popularity over others, how does increasing visitation to a town/city/country impact that community? Be sure to include all aspects – economic, political, environmental and social impacts. Provide a rationale for all aspects covered.
  2. Perception of impacts by prospective visitors may be very different than the reality of the impacts on the host community. Do media play a role in creating perceptions? If so how?


After posting the above, use the following two questions as a guide when responding to peers:

  1. Reflecting back to the countries you reviewed in the first discussion board, is your perception of the impacts on the host community in alignment with your classmates?
  2. If not, what impacts did you think increasing visitation to the community would have? Please ensure that there are at minimum two posts from each participant in the specific discussion so that you can learn more about the perception of tourism in other areas throughout the world. I need 300 words. No reference needed or citation.