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Assignment Details:

Words: 4000

Topic: SWE-401 Software Project Management



Q.1 You are a Software engineer involved in the development of a financial system. During installation, you discover that this system will make a significant number of people redundant. The people in the environment deny you access to essential information to complete the system installation. To what extent should you, as a systems engineer, become involved in this? Is it your professional responsibility to complete the installation as contracted? Should you simply abandon the work until the procuring organization has sorted out the problem? You Should defend your answer according to your project domain. (Domains payroll, provident fund, Employees insurance).

  • For Roll numbers ending with 0-2 attempt Pay Roll
  • For Roll numbers ending with 3-6 attempt Provident Fund
  • For Roll numbers ending with 7-9 attempt Employees Insurance


Q.2 Assume your organization and the importance of the project. Nominating an organization of your choice that’s operating in the discipline of Construction/Marketing/Technology. Nominate a suitable project (for example road development, sub-divisional development, power station, an ERP establishment, installation, maintenance, surveying, etc.)

  1. Prepare a Project scope statement for your
  2. Create a list of activities and their duration for the
  3. Cost estimation: The estimated cost for developing and managing the entire project should include the infrastructure costs of the project including salary, hardware, software, and other costs which you think possible.
  4. Draw a Gantt chart to schedule the entire
  5. Prepare a Project Closure report for your


  • For Roll numbers ending with 0-2 Choose
  • For Roll numbers ending with 3-6 Choose Marketing.
  • For Roll numbers ending with 7-9 Choose Technology.


Q.3 Based on the network diagram below, identify the total paths, critical path, and float for each path. Assume S= sum of your roll number e.g., 123=1+2+3=6 and A= your roll number mod 10. e.g., roll no. is 199 then 199 mod 10= 9.

  1. Draw the network
  2. Identify all paths in the network
  3. Find the duration of each
  4. The path with the largest duration is the critical
  5. Calculate the Float of each


Q.4 Identify and classify the risks, to develop mobile applications nowadays? Is pandemic affect the development process and demand of mobile applications in terms of,

  • For Roll numbers ending with 0-2 Choose New unproven technologies, User and functional Application and system
  • For Roll numbers ending with 3-6 Choose Performance, Organizational Behaviour and Risk Management Plan.
  • For Roll numbers ending with 7-9 Choose Monitor and mitigate, Description of risk, Recognition Date and Probability of occurrence.

Q.5 For Odd Roll Numbers 

You are managing a software project with an initial budget estimate of 2 million USD. During interim cost and schedule performance analysis, you figured out that:

  • You should have spent $500,000 till now based on your initial plans and 1,000 man/days of schedule
  • You spent $600,000 till now and completed 1,100 man/days of schedule activities which should have cost $450,000 based on your initial plans.
  • You re-estimated the budget required for the remaining work to be done as $1,500,000.
  1. What is the CPI and SPI of the project respectively?
  2. What is the CV and SV of the project respectively?
  3. What is the Variance at Completion?
  4. What is the TCPI based on your new Estimate at Completion value?
  5. What is the status of your project?


For Even Roll Numbers


Consider the following information about a one-year project.

  1. Budgeted cost of work schedule (BCWS) = 23,000
  2. Budgeted cost of work performed (BCWP) = 20,000
  3. Actual cost of work performed (ACWP) = 25,000
  4. Budget at completion (BAC) = 120000 Answer the following questions:
  • what is the cost variance, schedule variance, Cost Performance Index (CPI), and Schedule Performance Index (SPI) for the project?
  • How is the project doing? Is it ahead of schedule or behind the schedule? Is it under budget or over budget?
  • Use the CPI to calculate the estimate at completion (EAC) for this Is the project performing better or worse than planned??
  • Use the schedule performance index to estimate how long it will take to finish the


(Note: All questions are of equal marks)