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  • Topic: Managerial Economics
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SBS Managerial Economics



Answer all the Questions

Section I.


  1. Explain how the price of money is set in the US Provide examples of participants and their role on setting the price for money.


  1. You are given the following demand and supply schedule from the book orders for 10-year US Treasuries on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange:


Yield to Maturity Demand in thousand Supply in thousand
3% 120 70
3.1% 100 80
3.2% 90 90
3.3% 80 100
3.4% 30 110


Sketch the supply and demand curves (with a Word/Excel chart or by hand and then take/insert a photograph) including the units for the axes.


Determine graphically and arithmetically the equilibrium point.


-Now, imagine that a monetary tightening from the central bank (FED) happens. What would be the expected effect on the book orders?


This action from the FED reduces quantities by 20 thousand. What’s the new equilibrium point? Graph the shift in the curve and represent the new equilibrium point.


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  1. What are the characteristics of unitary price elasticity of demand? Explain for the supply and demand curves. Provide an example of good or service for each


  1. Calculate the following elasticities:

Price: $100 decreases to $90

Quantity: 100 increases to 120.

Explain the category of elasticity of this good.


Price: $1 increase to $1.10

Quantity: 200 decreases to 180.

Explain the category of elasticity of this good.


Price: $1 increase to $1.50

Quantity: remains at 1000.

Explain the category of elasticity of this good.


Section II.


  1. Study the US stock market. Is there a link between the supply and demand of money on its performance for the year 2022?


Answer this question like an essay with an introduction and a conclusion and 2/3 sections in between. Use 10 unique professional/academic references.


Tips: Focus on the market and do not write too much about each participant. Include charts of a selected index (e.g., SnP500, DJIA, Nasdaq100, …) and illustrate the potential correlation.


  1. Explain how a firm can decide the optimal quantity to produce. Using charts provided in class explain which the costs and revenue are used and explain the different stages.


Tips: Introduction and conclusion are not needed but you need to explain each stage and the meaning/use of each curve.


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