Operations Management Assignment Analysis Solutions


Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 2500


Operations Management


Part A: Case Study


Read the research paper Soosay, C., Nunes, B., Bennett, D. J., Sohal, A., Jabar, J., & Winroth, M. (2016). Strategies for sustaining manufacturing competitiveness: comparative case studies in Australia and Sweden. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management.,


And answer the following questions:


  • Identify the major trends for manufacturing companies mentioned in the How do you think they impact the management of operations?


  • What were the main solutions/ approaches implemented by the companies investigated in the paper? How do they relate to the content of the module?


  • Discuss the differences between manufacturing and service operations from a theory What role does service play for the companies presented in the research paper?


Part B – Analysis and Reflections


  • Conduct a critical analysis of adopting Lean management in any industry and compare to other alternative approaches companies can operate particularly in respect to inventory management.


  • Compare the focus on reducing the cost era with the focus on quality era within the evolution stages that operations management has progressed through.


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